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    does section 20 apply

    I own a flat which has RTM, we appointed a local company to manage ( always reliable they managed other blocks where we own flats) they have now been bought by RGM. On checking the accounts I discovered they have a roof survey done which cost £2800 and £185 scaffold hire, they did not consult directors of RTM or lessees. We have all been paying more service charge to build up a reserve for the roof, we had obtained quotes for a re roof a couple of years ago. Therefore survey was unnecessary, did this fall within section 20 or have they acted illegally by not consulting the directors first .

    They work for the Directors. Does your contract with them state they can do thing off their own bat?

    How many flats in the block.

    Sounds as if you are being take for a ride. Probably terminate their contract.


      That company & I are old friends.

      The FTT ordered them to repay £1000 to me and refund my hearing fees in 2014. (They also had to refund £1000 to each of my four fellow lessees.)


        RGM sounds like a company previously under Erinaceous , a listed company which collapsed about 12 years ago due to fraud by one of their surveyors.


          It is the RTM that would be in default for not carrying out a section 20 consultation, not so much the managing agent.

          Good practice would be to have expenditure limits beyond which they could only proceed with approval from the RTM. On the other hand, requiring approval for all expenditure would get very bureaucratic.

          I think surveys are a grey area for s20.


            We are definitely terminating contract, not very happy when found out that RGM had taken over knew they were a problem . W are going to check over our agreement and then take matter further. Its about time there was better clarification with S20. i am sure RGM looked at reserve fund and decided they would like some of it . At the moment they are saying its not covered by section 20.


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              Hi our lease states the FH can take 15% of total expenditure for management fees.
              They have set up a separate company and have charged ££3.5k on £16k expenditure.
              Is this allowed within the clause in our lease below.

              "To pay the cost of any managing agents...
              07-09-2018, 10:21 AM
            • Reply to Management fees
              If you check the records at Companies House. you will find A & H have the same directors and shareholders.
              19-10-2018, 04:58 AM
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              My Mum has a long leasehold property. She offered to store our winter wheels for the car in the cellar where people were storing bikes and garden furniture. We did not see any signage to indicate that we weren't allowed to store things down there, and the pile of other people's stuff meant that we...
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            • Reply to Management company got rid of my stuff
              I don't expect the Police will investigate but if you can quote a Police Station Compliant No. , it may help you to pursue an insurance claim
              19-10-2018, 04:21 AM
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              Hi forum members.

              I have a couple questions regarding covenant on my lease in relations to subletting my leasehold property. I have just now obtained the consent to let from my mortgagee and now reading my lease to find out if I need written consent from the landlord. I have found the below
              18-10-2018, 11:09 AM
            • Reply to Sublet on AST
              AST are as special sort of lease. A sub-lease is a lease involved in a sub-letting!
              18-10-2018, 23:53 PM
            • Reply to Management company got rid of my stuff
              The default situation is that you would not have permission, so you should have been looking for notices saying that there was permission; such notice would, in general, list specific items that could be stored. Abuse of such areas is common in leasehold properties, so seeing other people using them...
              18-10-2018, 23:37 PM
            • Reply to Sublet on AST
              Usually the clause for registering a document with lessor's solicitor within 30 days and pay a 25 pound fee applies if it concerns the property title. My understanding of a sub-lease is an agreement which transfers the obligations of the tenant to the sub-tenant, the AST does not do this.
              18-10-2018, 23:25 PM
            • Reply to Management company got rid of my stuff
              Report the loss to the local police station and try to claim loss against the building insurance policy or against management company liability insurance?
              18-10-2018, 22:59 PM
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              Novice Freeholder
              I am a joint freeholder of 3 flats (converted house).
              The Leaseholder has written to the other joint Freeholder requesting to see the accounts.
              The Leaseholder knows that I hold the accounts, but has not sent me the Section 22 Notice.
              She has my current address.
              I understand...
              18-10-2018, 12:04 PM