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    does section 20 apply

    I own a flat which has RTM, we appointed a local company to manage ( always reliable they managed other blocks where we own flats) they have now been bought by RGM. On checking the accounts I discovered they have a roof survey done which cost £2800 and £185 scaffold hire, they did not consult directors of RTM or lessees. We have all been paying more service charge to build up a reserve for the roof, we had obtained quotes for a re roof a couple of years ago. Therefore survey was unnecessary, did this fall within section 20 or have they acted illegally by not consulting the directors first .

    They work for the Directors. Does your contract with them state they can do thing off their own bat?

    How many flats in the block.

    Sounds as if you are being take for a ride. Probably terminate their contract.


      That company & I are old friends.

      The FTT ordered them to repay £1000 to me and refund my hearing fees in 2014. (They also had to refund £1000 to each of my four fellow lessees.)


        RGM sounds like a company previously under Erinaceous , a listed company which collapsed about 12 years ago due to fraud by one of their surveyors.


          It is the RTM that would be in default for not carrying out a section 20 consultation, not so much the managing agent.

          Good practice would be to have expenditure limits beyond which they could only proceed with approval from the RTM. On the other hand, requiring approval for all expenditure would get very bureaucratic.

          I think surveys are a grey area for s20.


            We are definitely terminating contract, not very happy when found out that RGM had taken over knew they were a problem . W are going to check over our agreement and then take matter further. Its about time there was better clarification with S20. i am sure RGM looked at reserve fund and decided they would like some of it . At the moment they are saying its not covered by section 20.


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              I think an infra red camera might find the leak.
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              I am trying to visualise it. Usually it would be easy enough to tell if it is from above, from below, from condensation. Things going on inside the wall can be harder.
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              To be frank, I haven't pushed the right of access. The neighbour says he hadn't got a problem and doesn't want his bathroom dismantled.

              I will check the conditions of the lease, but I'm more disgruntled that im having to spend thousands on something that is being caused from outside the...
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              To be sure, one would need to see your lease, and, if materially different, that of the other flat.

              However, I find it strange that the lease does not provide a right of access to the other flat. Enforcing the right may be more difficult, and will probably require a court injunction.
              22-03-2018, 12:55 PM
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              Thank you for your responses and I do have some further questions (sorry).

              1 I did contact Sebastian at Leasehold Knowledge and he pointed out that we have a case to sue the solicitor. Further research - solicitors practice closed by Solicitors Regulation authority in 2015 because of fraud....
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              If you are charging management fees, you are providing property management services for gain and must belong to a redress scheme or risk a large fine from trading standards. Ordinary self managers don't need to do this because they don't charge for their services.
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