Poss penetrating damp - repair issues?

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    Poss penetrating damp - repair issues?

    Hi all,

    Am in the process of selling my first floor flat which is in an old Victorian house (2 flats). Survey from buyer has come back flagging a small area at front corner of living room where he thinks possible penetrating damp patch, and has recommended the buyer get damp and timber survey done which is set for next week. OH has gone up in to loft and taken pics of that area no damp in sight, so not too worried (!!!).
    Survey also flagged a few more minor things like some repointing to the downstairs flat around the window, and render of ground floor flat under their window needs raking out and repainting. I am the freeholder also, and am selling the freehold with the flat. It is the leaseholders responsibility to keep their respective flats in good order.

    There is no service charge.

    The lease says the freeholder can go in and do repairs if necessary and recharge the leaseholder as ground rent in arrears. I have previously mentioned to the leaseholder downstairs about the repointing but he has kept saying his managing agent is going to sort it out but he hasn't so far. He rents his flat out to a tenant. My buyer is also getting a quote for any bits of work that may need doing as well as the damp survey. He is keen to move in here by Christmas. Am I right in thinking that if I agree to pay for any of these bits myself, reduce the price accordingly, or the prospective new owner gets them done, either before he moves in (with my permission) or after, that an S20 for the other leaseholder is not required from me? I know it is only for costs that exceed £250 per leaseholder. But does it only relate to properties where there is a service charge?

    This moving lark is so stressful.................

    Many thanks

    I believe work in default comes under administration charges.


      Which administration charges please? Don't recall seeing anything about administration charges in lease.


        The ones defined by statute, which seem to include your rent in arrears, http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2002/15/schedule/11


          Ah. So that would be an amount payable as part of or in addition to the rent payable directly or indirectly in connection with a breach, or alleged breach of the covenants or conditions in their lease. i.e as ground rent in arrears re repairs having to be made which they (the l/h) have neglected to do after being asked.

          Seems to be the same old thing of doesn't actually matter much what it says in leases, statute overrules them, and everything is open to interpretation. And lawyers get fatter and fatter and richer and richer...........

          But thank you for that. It is informative, and relevant to my question.


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          • Reply to collective enfranchisement
            by flyingfreehold
            at risk of answering my own question, the leaseholder has to prove title which is a bit difficult if not registered........
            21-05-2022, 21:23 PM
          • collective enfranchisement
            by flyingfreehold
            Does a leaseholder have to be a registered proprietor to join a collective? Or is it sufficient for her/his/it to be a transferee whose interest is not yet registered?
            21-05-2022, 18:51 PM
          • Reply to Building works & S20 process
            by scot22
            It is relatively simple to administer process. However, definitely engage professional to define necessary work and project manage.

            If I can, anybody can.
            21-05-2022, 20:19 PM
          • Building works & S20 process
            by RichA
            Hi. I have a freehold after selling a leasehold flat in a block of 4 flats. We don't currently have a managing agent, so these duties currently fall to me (I am holding off appointing a managing agent whilst the leaseholders consider whether they want to RTM).

            The block needs some maintenance...
            21-05-2022, 17:20 PM
          • Reply to collective enfranchisement
            by Tipper
            Ask lease-advice.org
            21-05-2022, 18:59 PM
          • Reply to Levy
            by scot22
            Thanks Gordon. There was no info other than amount and invoice which explained nothing !
            21-05-2022, 17:16 PM
          • Reply to Share of feehold/shared service charges?
            by Macromia
            They are correct that the purchase of the freehold has no relevance (although it would allow the three of you to alter the leases if you are all in agreement).

            Unless you alter the leases you continue to split service charge costs according to what the terms of your leases say - sharing...
            21-05-2022, 17:14 PM
          • Changes to lease wording
            by bigalxyz
            In the process of buying freehold for our building. 9 participants (from 11 flats).

            Our solicitor will extend leases to 999 years for an additional fee if we want to. She has asked, as part of that extension process:

            “Are there any amendments that you are seeking to make...
            14-05-2022, 12:27 PM
          • Reply to Changes to lease wording
            by Lawcruncher
            If the leases are going to be for 999 years there is not a lot of point imposing a restriction in such terms. It is also open to interpretation. You have to decide first if you are going to allow subletting at all. That has to depend on what people want. If any owner already sublets then you cannot...
            21-05-2022, 17:09 PM
          • Reply to Levy
            by Macromia
            ...And it still going to depend on what it is for (and on what your lease allows to be charged for, and when.

            Service charge demands have to include details such as a service address for the freeholder, and have to be accompanied by an appropriate copy of 'leaseholders rights and responsibilities',...
            21-05-2022, 16:53 PM