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    Noise from Wooden Flooring


    My housemate and I have just moved in to a 1st floor flat which we are renting. The flat above is owned by the current residents who our landlady said had just had all their carpets pulled up and replaced with wooden flooring. Our landlady informed them that they might potentially need to change this due to residents (my housemate and I) moving in to the flat below.

    Since moving in, we can hear every single footstep from above. This is especially upsetting for my housemate as she is a care assistant working long & often unsocialable hours which means hearing constant footsteps & noise is making it very difficult to get any rest and sleep. I also work from home.

    What are our options and what does the Housing Act or any other laws say in this situation?

    I don't want to get into an argument or a "neighbour from hell" situation and I intend to have a quiet chat with the residents upstairs and make them aware of the problem, but I would also like to know where we stand with our rights & from a legal stand point.

    For information, it is an old converted (probably Victorian era but not sure on actual date) building that has been converted into 3 flats (ground, 1st & 2nd) where the 2nd floor flat has 2 floors to it.


    I would find somewhere else to live and move out as soon as you can.
    Let your landlord deal with the upstairs neighbour.

    What rights you have are going to be contained in the lease which is difficult for you to enforce.
    If there's nothing in the lease (for example a requirement to have carpets) it's a nightmare to get anything done.

    Noisy upstairs neighbours is one of the problems of living in a flat.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      At the very least tell your landlady to look at *her* lease and take whatever action possible to enforce that lease - otherwise you will leave at the earliest opportunity. Living in flats is difficult because leasehold law and the lease are hard for lessees (as opposed to the freeholder) to enforce.


        first have a chat with the neighbours and invite one of them down to hear the problem while the other walks about above. Few people realise how loud normal footsteps can sound on wooden floors unless they have lived underneath one.

        Then talk about possible mitigation - a large rug might help.

        If they wont co-operate than it is up to your landlady to look at her lease and see what can be done.

        Buy good earplugs, I recommend the foam cylinders from Boots, not the pointed type..


          Try making your neighbours a gift of some slippers "because it would be a shame if they damaged their nice new laminate floor by walking on it in clunky shoes".


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            by flyingfreehold
            at risk of answering my own question, the leaseholder has to prove title which is a bit difficult if not registered........
            21-05-2022, 21:23 PM
          • collective enfranchisement
            by flyingfreehold
            Does a leaseholder have to be a registered proprietor to join a collective? Or is it sufficient for her/his/it to be a transferee whose interest is not yet registered?
            21-05-2022, 18:51 PM
          • Reply to Building works & S20 process
            by scot22
            It is relatively simple to administer process. However, definitely engage professional to define necessary work and project manage.

            If I can, anybody can.
            21-05-2022, 20:19 PM
          • Building works & S20 process
            by RichA
            Hi. I have a freehold after selling a leasehold flat in a block of 4 flats. We don't currently have a managing agent, so these duties currently fall to me (I am holding off appointing a managing agent whilst the leaseholders consider whether they want to RTM).

            The block needs some maintenance...
            21-05-2022, 17:20 PM
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            by Tipper
            21-05-2022, 18:59 PM
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            by scot22
            Thanks Gordon. There was no info other than amount and invoice which explained nothing !
            21-05-2022, 17:16 PM
          • Reply to Share of feehold/shared service charges?
            by Macromia
            They are correct that the purchase of the freehold has no relevance (although it would allow the three of you to alter the leases if you are all in agreement).

            Unless you alter the leases you continue to split service charge costs according to what the terms of your leases say - sharing...
            21-05-2022, 17:14 PM
          • Reply to Changes to lease wording
            by Lawcruncher
            If the leases are going to be for 999 years there is not a lot of point imposing a restriction in such terms. It is also open to interpretation. You have to decide first if you are going to allow subletting at all. That has to depend on what people want. If any owner already sublets then you cannot...
            21-05-2022, 17:09 PM
          • Changes to lease wording
            by bigalxyz
            In the process of buying freehold for our building. 9 participants (from 11 flats).

            Our solicitor will extend leases to 999 years for an additional fee if we want to. She has asked, as part of that extension process:

            “Are there any amendments that you are seeking to make...
            14-05-2022, 12:27 PM
          • Reply to Levy
            by Macromia
            ...And it still going to depend on what it is for (and on what your lease allows to be charged for, and when.

            Service charge demands have to include details such as a service address for the freeholder, and have to be accompanied by an appropriate copy of 'leaseholders rights and responsibilities',...
            21-05-2022, 16:53 PM