Landlord rights on leased land

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  • Landlord rights on leased land

    I live in one of two large semis converted into flats decades ago; the houses and land is leased from the same freeholder. The freeholder wants to tarmac our driveway which runs down the side of our house to shared garages, owned mainly by next door. The reason he is going to do this is because he wants access to next doors garden (from a gap between the last garage and the bottom boundary wall) for a new build which we are also contesting. I don't believe he has access rights to the garden from our side, but that aside... does anyone know if he can go ahead and lay tarmac without obtaining our permission first? This also goes for any other works that are purely decorative such as chopping down trees?

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    Oh and the drive down the side is currently made of hardcore but in good condition for car's. Probably insufficient for heavy machinery needed for the new build.


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