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    Man Co not stating Works Complete

    There is three large pieces of Work being carried out on our Block. the three bits were combined into a very ambiguous S20. When asked for info the Man Co just sends out last years Service Charge demand which tells nothing as to where monies have been spent only the amount. ie disbursements 87k. It is not broken down into how the money was spent.

    We know the first piece has been completed but the Man Co refuses to state whether it is complete or how much the actual Invoice was. Not sure why but they have a track record of dodgy dealings and I think it is to do with the original S20 being so poorly written.

    I have seen I could send a Section 21, are there any other statutes which would be better suited to force them to state the first piece is complete and what it cost?

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    I've been reading this forum for quite some time and found it to be REALLY useful. We have 4 houses which we rent out, so thanks for all the posts.

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  • Reply to RTM Handover
    Understandable about the surveyor. Worse case scenario I will need to communicate with the leaseholders that it is a liability that is due based on contracts entered into by the prior management and is due for payment.

    Hopefully they will pay it directly to the RTM to save some hassle...
    21-04-2018, 11:15 AM
  • Reply to RTM Handover
    The leaseholders only have a right to demand accountant certified accounts, not audited ones.

    10% is cheap for project management and health and safety overview of a contractor.

    No surveyor is going to enter in to a contract to specify work and procure contractors if the client...
    21-04-2018, 09:44 AM
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  • Reply to Maintainence fees - no sink fund
    Management companies are not required to produce audited accounts for either the service charge trust or the company itself. They can produce the company accounts all on their own, and, for 10 flats, any statutory service charge accounts only needs to be certified by a qualified accountant, not audited....
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    I own a leasehold flat in a building of 4 flats - different sizes, mine is the smallest-almost a studio flat (3 leasehold flats + 1 freeholder’s flat).
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  • Reply to service charge based on rateable values
    So basically the service charge is now apportioned A 25%, B 25% C25% and D25% and you think this is not fair according to the lease .

    And you may want to change to % proportional to floor area to say A28% . B28% , C 28% and D16%

    or if you want to change the % related...
    21-04-2018, 05:09 AM
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  • Reply to Long Leasehold and Gas/Electricity
    Wrong - the houses must be leasehold if on 999 years leases.

    You should consult a solicitor and charge the solicitor's bill as an expense to your rental income from other houses .

    Any meter bill should be paid by the registered named account holder . ...
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