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    Letting agent fraud

    What can I do to end a contract set up by {Mod - letting agent name removed} with tenants to reside in my house. {Mod - letting agent name removed} initially set up the contract and inserted a pet clause without my permission. I was told by various agencies a judge would still not be sympathetic in my favour so I planned to serve notice when the contract came to an end. I made a full complaint to {Mod - letting agent name removed} and notified them how unhappy I was and my intention to end our contract.

    I visited my tenants to inform them of my intention to serve notice and they informed me that {Mod - letting agent name removed} had already extended the contract. This was without my knowledge and consent. They have taken a payment from the tenants and made up an email stating my consent. It is false and fabricated, I have reported it to the police but what can I do about my home?..surely the contract is invalid?

    {Mod - do not name other parties to a potential legal dispute here}

    You should take some professional legal advice and (almost certainly) sue the agent - the civil damages would be more than the criminal charges (assuming you can get the police to act).

    The agent will be part of a redress scheme and you should also create a case there.
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      Originally posted by Landlordzone user View Post
      I visited my tenants to inform them of my intention to serve notice

      What can I do to end a contract
      Actually serve the notice?
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