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    Letting agent fraud

    What can I do to end a contract set up by {Mod - letting agent name removed} with tenants to reside in my house. {Mod - letting agent name removed} initially set up the contract and inserted a pet clause without my permission. I was told by various agencies a judge would still not be sympathetic in my favour so I planned to serve notice when the contract came to an end. I made a full complaint to {Mod - letting agent name removed} and notified them how unhappy I was and my intention to end our contract.

    I visited my tenants to inform them of my intention to serve notice and they informed me that {Mod - letting agent name removed} had already extended the contract. This was without my knowledge and consent. They have taken a payment from the tenants and made up an email stating my consent. It is false and fabricated, I have reported it to the police but what can I do about my home?..surely the contract is invalid?

    {Mod - do not name other parties to a potential legal dispute here}

    You should take some professional legal advice and (almost certainly) sue the agent - the civil damages would be more than the criminal charges (assuming you can get the police to act).

    The agent will be part of a redress scheme and you should also create a case there.
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    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Originally posted by Landlordzone user View Post
      I visited my tenants to inform them of my intention to serve notice

      What can I do to end a contract
      Actually serve the notice?
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      • Reply to Agent vs Open Rent
        by Beswick
        I've used it twice, no complaints from me. However, I haven't used it since 2019 so things might have changed.

        From memory, when the prospective tenant clicks the 'Rent Now' button, you have to click to accept them as a tenant to start the process.

        Both times, when I told...
        29-06-2022, 11:51 AM
      • Agent vs Open Rent
        by annam222
        Hello all,
        I wondered if anyone could give me some advice please.
        Tenants who have been renting my one bed flat for the past three years have just given notice that they will be moving out. I have used a local agent on a ‘let & rent collection’ basis which has worked well but they...
        20-06-2022, 20:07 PM
      • Reply to Agent vs Open Rent
        by annam222
        Has anyone used the ‘rent now’ package and find it good? Can’t decide whether I should do this package or just advertising (ultimate) then pay for everything else on top after finding tenants I am happy with.
        29-06-2022, 07:22 AM
      • Reply to Agent vs Open Rent
        by annam222
        boletus Thank you, that is what I am
        a little worried about- the flat is in London so expect there could be a lot of interest but possibly a high majority of them not be the tenants I am looking for.
        I would prefer to take my time talking to potential tenants and arranging viewings rather...
        28-06-2022, 20:28 PM
      • Reply to Agent vs Open Rent
        by boletus
        I wouldn't use 'Rent Now'.

        If I advertise a property today I'll get over 50 enquiries, the majority will be unsuitable.
        Most of those will want to rent now.
        Many will offer to rent sight unseen.
        Some will offer 6 month's rent upfront sight unseen.

        28-06-2022, 09:55 AM
      • Reply to Agent vs Open Rent
        by annam222
        Thank you everyone so much. I have the advert ready to go live but will wait until Thursday/Friday to publish it. I am keen to use Open Rent for referencing but as suggested will also follow up each myself. Does anyone have a view on whether the Open Rent £29 'Ultimate Advertising' or £49 'Rent Now'...
        27-06-2022, 20:09 PM
      • Reply to Newbie needing serious advice!
        by Lawcruncher
        Conveyancers fall into two broad categories:

        Good ones

        Not so good ones

        Those in either category can be solicitors, licensed conveyancers or chartered legal executives. Each of those do roughly the same amount of training and have studied the law needed...
        27-06-2022, 19:14 PM
      • Newbie needing serious advice!
        by steeveyboy64
        Hi All. I am very new to all of this and need some guidance. I am at the point where I am about to purchase a holiday letting chalet in Lincolnshire. Unfortunately the banana skin has been delivered in that the 3rd party solicitors are indicating that I can NOT use a 3rd party agent platform to advertised...
        26-06-2022, 14:15 PM
      • Reply to Newbie needing serious advice!
        by SouthernDave
        Lawcruncher gives good advice.
        interesting question, is your ‘solicitor’ actually a solicitor? Or are they some rubbish high street conveyancer?...
        27-06-2022, 18:11 PM
      • Reply to Newbie needing serious advice!
        by nukecad
        "No 3rd party letting agenrs approved" is not the same thing as 'no 3rd party agents allowed'.

        So it depends on what you sign up to.whether you can use an "unapproved" 3rd party letting service or not.
        27-06-2022, 17:09 PM