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  • Relocation Tenants

    Large UK Agents including International Agents are advertising on their websites about Tenants Relocation & Corporate Tenants.

    In reality how many Tenants like this are circulating on the market ?

    I would like to hear your opinion.

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    As an exemplar, do give us yours first, please!
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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      Reminds me of those letters you get from estate agents saying they have a disappointed buyer for a property in your street, and can they take you on as a client? Of course, any time you accept, the buyer evaporates.


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        Hi Theartfullodger,

        Few links as example:

        My wonder is that, all those large/ international Agents have any relocation TTs for real or is just bluffing !?

        Anybody has any experience about relocation TTs to share. Many Thanks.


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          Well, I check a fair few in and out on a regular basis for a large agency and a couple of ReLo's

          The agency has quite a few on very short and short contracts and some who have 2+ year secondments. They probably make up about 20% of my work for them!

          Does that help?!


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            Tenants via relo agents can be great tenants but very demanding at the same time. In my neck of the woods individuals do not use relocation agents but companies who are seeking accommodation for an employee do. The company have employed a relocation agent purely to find an employee a place to live so that tells you that they rate that employee highly and so are likely to be paying that person a decent enough salary. When a suitable place is found expect the relocation agent to try to justify their fee either by by chipping away at the price or by coming up with a list of requirements as long as your arm. Sometimes companies take a contract in their name and let the employee live there and sometimes the employee takes the tenancy in their own name. Often when it is a company let the relo agent will provide the contract which may include a tenant only break clause and a tenant only option to renew so watch out for both of those. In fairness every time I have dealt with relo agents they are very clear and flag up at the start what their offer is and the terms on which it is made so there are no nasty surprises waiting to catch out the unwary.
            I suspect if you are talking high end property either in central London or somewhere like the Wentworth Estate things may be different but although lots of agents like to nurture relationships with relo agents, the reality is they very rarely have an ongoing demand for property in one area and, like anyone else, will often start their search on the property portals like a regular applicant would.


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              a lot less since brexit announced


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                this is exactly why I recommended it as a question to ask. You should know that the agent works for you on your terms and so if this isn't something you want and the LA insists on it and has hefty fees, you can walk away. You can play ignorant and see if they try to pull the wool over your eyes by saying...
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                Landlords should also know that in such case whatever fee the tenant paid to the agent belongs to them....
                14-08-2017, 10:41 AM
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                You are right, of course, but I know at least one major letting agency whose policy is to send a letter to the tenant with an ultimatum; "Renew, and pay us XXX, or expect your notice."

                I guarantee that most of the landlords for whom they are acting don't know that this is the...
                14-08-2017, 10:36 AM
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                Good idea to test them, but this is really not their decision and it is for the landlord to tell them what to do....
                14-08-2017, 09:44 AM
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                prepare yourself a standard list of questions about issues that you know agents should be aware of and ask the same questions to each agent to allow you to compare responses. Questions such as
                1. How long from receiving the deposit should it be protected?
                2. When should I install a carbon monoxide detector?
                3. Do
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                jpkeates Thanks for the heads up on that - I have looked at their terms of business and I will be removing them the Management of the property as they have made 7 errors in just over 7 months which is unacceptable especially as I am paying for the "Service" (areas of mistakes include communication,...
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                Check your agreement with the agent - they're usually hard to shift while a tenant they're found is in situ.
                11-08-2017, 11:58 AM
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                There's not one place which will do this for you I'm afraid.

       is a review site for agents but it's completely unregulated, anyone can leave a review on there regardless of whether they've ever done any business with an agent or not. What you'll tend to find is that rival...
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