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    Hi, I have had long standing issues with my current landlord however have not been in the position to move. They have now issued section 21 which is fine but I am concerned regarding getting a positive reference from them when I apply for a new tenancy. My rent is always paid early, no concerns have been raised during inspections, in fact in my inspection in December they stated it was 'spotless'.

    When I apply for a new tenancy with a new agent what do their checks cover? Could I say I was living with friends/family and just get a reference from my previous landlord so that my current one does not need to be contacted. I can also get employer and personal references, I have a stable professional job, with a good income and also have a clear DBS check as I work with children.

    Any advice would be handy.

    Thank you.

    There are two kinds of check.

    The formal ones and the local estate agent informal network (nothing you can do about that one).
    References are always tricky - for example, I don't give them and don't value them.

    Mostly they tend to be dry and factual - the tenant rented from x to x and has no arrears.
    Refusing to give someone a reference doesn't seem to cause anyone any issues either.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Ok thanks for that. I have heard of agents not renting if previous landlord refuses to give a reference. Plus my current landlord charges £50 per reference so don't fancy wasting my money for him to be difficult.


        A negative reference is very rare.
        Charging £50 for a reference is taking the mickey.

        I'd get a reference from your previous landlord and decline to give one from your current landlord on the grounds of the fee alone.

        Some agents and landlords may decline to let to you, but tenants and landlords do fall out, and it doesn't mean the end of the world.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          What kind of " long standing issues" - be honest here to get honest advice (you are anonymous after all).


            Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
            What kind of " long standing issues" - be honest here to get honest advice (you are anonymous after all).

            - cockroach infestation when I moved in that I was not aware of.
            - issues with mice when I moved in that I was not aware of.
            - faulty boiler which a maintenance worker came out to try and fix numerous times. He told me I needed a new boiler. It often says 'no gas supply' so I have to mess around to get it to work.
            - boiler continuously leaks water from the valves which has damaged the furniture underneath plus makes the pressure drop in the boiler almost weekly so I have to fiddle around with it to get the pressure back. I was told by the maintenance man that it is false economy and my bills are through the roof.
            - leak in the bathroom from the radiator which leaked into the property downstairs (leading to the bath nearly falling through the floor as the floorboards were so damaged)
            - not giving 24 hours for inspections or visits, workmen just arriving and letting themselves in.
            - fire doors not being inline with fire standards (locksmith told me this when I lost my keys).
            - damp in the bedroom.

            Landlord is now saying that over the 2 year period I have lived there there have been numerous reports of me smoking cannabis and being generally a loud tenant. Now this is not true, I have never ever smoked, I have a full DBS check due to my job and I am in bed by 9.30pm during the week and rarely go out on a weekend. I have challenged why they have not raised this with me during the 2 years I've lived there.

            I had an inspection in November where they told me that the property was 'spotless' and again did not raise any issues.


              OK, taken at face value most of these things sound like a very problematical landlord (albeit landlords are not always responsible for mice, damp or cockroaches).

              So to get back to your main question -- you can't force anyone to love you (even if you deserve love), write a letter in support of you (even if you deserve support)... that's life.

              I suppose it is also the case that we sometimes pay for what we get -- so if you were paying bottom-rack rent for a total dump and were not in a position to move -- but expected the Ritz and complained accordingly, that might be problematical.

              As landlord I would seek references and would interpret them (or absence of them) with the intelligence I have developed over years of landlordship, many great tenants and a few bad ones. Most landlords are sensible -- I wouldn't worry. I definitely wouldn't pay for a reference, but definitely don't lie either (like pretending you did not have a landlord recently). Just be straightforward.

              You could get a few open references which you could hand over and which would invite the landlord to contact them for further details.

              PS. The landlord does not have to give or invent any reasons for S21, so why do you think that he has mentioned all these concerns?


                I think he has mentioned them now (in December) after a locksmith I had out as I lost my keys told me that the door to the property is unsafe and against fire regulations. I did raise this with them as well as raising that I didn't think it was fair for workmen to arrive at my flat whilst I was at work and begin working on the leaking bath without any notice and then leave me without hot water/use of the bath/shower for 4 days without any prior warning.

                Yes I know that the cockroache/mice issues were maybe not his fault however I think it would've been nice to know beforehand. There were also boxes of what I think was poison etc directly outside my flat door which was a hazard for when my nephew visited. The cockroach traps were in the kitchen too which really put me off.

                I will do that, thanks for the advice. Do you think it's worth printing off statements to show my rent has been paid on time and taking pictures of my current property to show that it is clean and tidy? Or is that going abit too far?

                Thank you



                  Hi,I posted last week regarding issues with my current landlord and worrying about a reference.

                  I took advice given, been up front with a letting agency regarding my worries and offered copies of bank statements, them to view the property etc and they've said it should be fine although it isn't them who does the referencing.

                  Anyway, I was wondering what sort of questions are asked on reference?

                  I am obviously still really worried about my landlord who reminded me that it is him having to give a reference!

                  Thank you.


                    Depending on when your tenancy started you might want to point out to the landlord that this is revenge eviction and you could fight it

                    also that there are laws of slander and libel should they make comments that they cannot proof to be true.


                      Examples of questions asked -

                      Did the tenant always pay the rent on time?

                      When did the tenant move into your property?

                      Has the tenant caused any damages?

                      If the tenant wanted to rent from you again, would you rent to the tenant? If not, why not?

                      And that is about it.....


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