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    Letting agent failings

    I am a landlord. I pay a letting agent although I'm not sure what for. In the past the tenants have had problems and the agent hasnt let me know. When they do their inspections they miss things. And they also failed to tell me my gas check had expired. Is there anyway I can get out of my contract?

    What does it say in your contract about ending the arrangement. You need to read it and tell us.

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      I haven't got it with me, but I know that basically unless the tenants they found us move out, we have to keep using them. But I wonder if that stands, when they are not doing their job?


        Unless you're a professional landlord, it's likely that you are trading with them as a consumer, so they have to behave in line with consumer legislation - which requires that the agent performs "the" service with reasonable care and skill.
        If they don't, you can ask them to redo the work, or for a reduction in charge.
        It may not allow you to unilaterally end the contract, though.

        Have a look at any professional scheme they are a member of, they should have a code of practice and a formal complaints process.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          Originally posted by Samuella123 View Post
          Is there anyway I can get out of my contract?

          You site willful misconduct and / or gross negligence, which is failure to supply goods or services as stipulated in the agreement between you and the agent. ( Read the agreement again )
          They are acting on your behalf ( you employ them ) and it is not they that get reprimanded for no gas certificate, it's You.

          On those points you can say they have failed to adhere to the contract, and are expecting them to continue in this vain and they are dismissed from acting for you for violation of the contract, with immediate effect.

          But have all the wrong doings listed, and to make sure you have grounds to dismiss them.


            That's great! Thanks for your help. Can I ask where you got this information? I don't mean to sound rude, just want to go in forewarned and forearmed. Thanks again



              Read post number 4 and decide if they are breaking their contract.
              But for example, "In the past the tenants have had problems and the agent hasn't let me know."
              You pay the agent to manage the property, so they get small things done, maybe at a small cost to you, maybe just letters to say they ( you ) are not responsible.
              They don't always tell you everything, as you pay them to do your job for them, and to tell you of every letter or conversation or rectification or a minor dispute defeats the object of them managing the place for you.

              So as said, if the problems you have with the agent are serious, tell them their services are no longer required ( stating why ) irrespective of what the contract says about termination, and let the agent reply. Once you get that reply, you know if they reject the serious ( provable ) allegations, you know you must change your agent.

              But we don't know how many times the agent has been guilty of misconduct and / or gross negligence. Only you can decide.


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