Problems with new letting agent

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    Problems with new letting agent

    Hi all

    I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

    I am a landlord and I recently instructed (despite I have not signed any formal agreement) with a local lettings agent to fully manage my property.

    I had in fact instructed 2 letting agents as I wasn't very impressed by the initial agent when I instructed them.

    One of the agents have now informed me that they have let my property.

    I have emailed the agent asking for information about the tenants (ie their Application Forms, references, tenancy agreement etc) and to date they have not provided me with any of this information.

    They have just informed me that they have already given the tenants the keys even though I have not confirmed agreement to this letting.

    Can anyone please advise me what I can do from here as my agents are now just ignoring me and I know nothing about the tenants and therefore I can't even take out insurance for the letting.

    Someone please HELP!!!!!

    Thank you :-)



    Unfortunately you seem to have been silly enough to instruct an entity to act on your behalf without any clear understanding as to the terms. I presume you have no agreement as to how much you are going to pay the agent either? They have now acted on YOUR behalf, and YOU now have a tenant. You handed over the keys to an agent and now have to bear the consequences.

    No reason the tenant should suffer. They are no doubt the worst tenant the agent could find.

    Sounds from your other thread that you need to learn how to better protect yourself - and the most fundamental part of protecting yourself as a landlord these days is to accept only the cream of tenants (or at least the creamiest ones you can manage within the market you have), and to do that yourself. From your other post you seem to be letting properties in Glasgow, a city you have never even visited.


      Oh well looks like a steep learning curve is on the way. You won't need to bother us until the rent does not get paid, flat is trashed and agent runs off with the unprotected deposit!

      Of course you stupidly entered into a verbal contract and gave agent the keys! Duh!!!

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        You say that you have not signed any formal agreement with the agent. Have you been given a written agreement and simply not signed it, or has there been no documentation involved so far?


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