Rent Guarantee Insurance with letting agent

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    Rent Guarantee Insurance with letting agent

    I purchased a rent guarantee policy with my letting agents which i had to make a claim on due to the tennants refusing to pay rent. The tennants have now been evicted and left the house a mess. I found new tennants myself but the letting agents were being awkward about this, so i ended my agreement with them. The rent guarantee policy i purchased with them was for 12 months and there is 6 months left on the policy. They are refusing to send me a copy of the policy i purchased with them. Are they legally obliged to send this to me. The tennants are disputing the deposit and the letting agent told me that the rent guarantee insurers can claim the deposit back towards rent arrears if i cannot proove they caused the damage to the property. I was never sent a copy of the checkout/inventory report from the agents either. I need to contact the rent guarantee insurance myself but cannot do this without the policy document. The deposit was registered in the name of the letting agent & i have asked them to transfer it over to me.
    Can anyone advise me

    Um - 90% of the time a bad tenant is there because they are placed there by a bad letting agent with an instructing landlord who is silly enough to trust an agent to place a tenant without careful scrutiny by landlord. So to let the agent themselves take out and control insurance to cover their own negligence is silliness squared. Taking out rent guarantee insurance in the first place makes it silliness cubed. Letting the agent register a deposit in their own names is silliness to the power 4. All mistakes and good learning experience. You will eventually learn that using an agent at all is under most circumstances a bad idea.

    You have only a few possible moves. The main one is to write a letter before action to the agent, and then sue them for your losses if there is no response. They cannot withhold the inventory, or check in/out reports, or prevent you from communicating with the deposit protection agency in any way you want - you bought them and you instruct the agent (and even though you do not instruct them now, if they disobey an explicit instruction and communicate with the deposit protectors ignoring your wishes, I would add that to your list of offenses and report that to whatever ombudsman they use).


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