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    Lettings Agency Name

    I'm brain storming some names for an estate agency that i want to set up

    I have found a name

    Its web domain is available via go daddy

    However its company name is registered on companies house

    As the web domain isn't registered - if i register it, do i have the rights to use this name for branding purposes

    Or can the company owner come after me and force me to stop using it?

    Is the registered company also an estate agency, or anything to do with housing?

    If there is any possibility at all that your web domain name could be confused with their company then it would be a trademark infringement to use it and they could get an order for you to desist.

    They could also come after you with an ICANN domain dispute.

    You might want to take a look at this guide to domain names:

    If the names are that similar then you would probably also have problems registering your company name with companies house.

    Overall it may be easier to come up with another name that is not already in use.

    For example I moderate a forum that used to be called AutocadEverything and had autocadeverything.com as its domain name.
    After 10 years of use we became concerned about about our implied use of a trade name (AutoCad) and so changed the forum name and domain name to CadEverything.

    Six months later we got an email from Autodesk (the company behind AutoCad) telling us that continued use of their tradname would bring legal action.

    They did acknowledge that we had already changed it, and in fact they left a redirect from autocadeverything.com to cadeverything.com in place for another 5 years.
    So in the end it worked out OK for us, others have not been so lucky and have ended up in court.


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