Worth Moving To A National Agency?

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    Worth Moving To A National Agency?

    I currently have two properties in different parts of the country. Both are managed by separate, local agents.

    I'm about to add a third property - again, in a different part of the country from the others.

    Is it worth moving all three properties to a single agency? Like Savilles, Countrywide, etc?

    Just wondered if it was likely to bring in a reduction of fees for managing multiples. I'd also like to get invoices in a standard format and more easily see expenditure.

    Anyone done this? Thoughts?

    ALWAYS go with local agents, as one agent will be sending workmen from their town to the 3 properties, which will increase your costs.

    One agent in one town is NOT going to call one of their agents in another town to go do an inspection, or get work done, as the national agent near your property has no contract with you.

    I would also not, never ever employ the second agent you mentioned, ever.
    Too many posts on here and the internet about them. They are too big and the accounts are all done from one head office, and not from the local branch, and are usualy a total mess, and inaccurate.
    2 posts on here about their -- inabillity to add and subtract.


      I thought that a national agency would send people from the local area?

      As for the second agent - noted!


        Originally posted by Froggart View Post
        Just wondered if it was likely to bring in a reduction of fees for managing multiples.
        You can always try before making up your mind - you have nothing to lose but time in opening up these discussions. However, I think the chance of success is quite slim as you are still a small fish in a big pond with 3 properties to offer them. To start talking proper discounts with national firms you would get better luck with a much larger opportunity.

        However, that said, I have had a Tenant Find fee reduced from their high standard amount by a large Agent... not to anything like uPad levels, but to match the price I'd been given by another Agent.

        Rather than focusing on what is likely to be a modest saving... are you also unhappy with the service from the local Agents? If you are broadly satisfied with the service, why not negotiate with the same folk you employ? Or have you already tried that and gotten nowhere?


          Originally posted by Froggart View Post
          I thought that a national agency would send people from the local area?
          You have 3 properties and you want one agent to manage them all. ( Or thinking of )
          The one agent could be 50, 100, 150 miles away from the furthest property.
          How are they going to do the 3 monthly inspections ?
          They have a contract with you, and no other agent, so if you want to be charged 50 / 100 miles traveling at £ 30 per hour + costs for monthy inspections, and for any other items that the agent has to check at the property ( you check before commiting to expenditure / obtaining quotes ) then fine.

          If you want the agent to contact contractors 100 mies away, as the national agent cannot sent their tried and trusted workmen, then fine.
          A national chain is not going to ring up another, same national chain agent near your property for them to do inspections, call out local workmen, as said, they don't have a contract with you to supply any services to you.

          Agents are self financing, and must make a profit for the office in the town they are in.
          Countrywide went on a spree of buying out small agents and just rebranding them, leaving the same staff in there, but enforcing strict cost controls never seen before.
          In my opinion, the second agent mentioned is an investor, which is not good for landlords.


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