Letting Agent and Landlord entered our rooms with falsified permission

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  • Lawcruncher
    As has been said, there is not a lot you can do as you let them in, and, apart from that, neither you nor the other tenants have suffered any loss. However, a complaint to the agent about being misled is in order.

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  • theartfullodger
    Do you have joint tenancy for the whole place or do you have individual tenancies (eg Mr A N Other, room 1,,, etc etc..)

    A landlord (or his agent..) is allowed to ask if he may come in...

    A tenant is allowed to say no & change locks... - but may get evicted under s21 for no required reason at all..


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  • thesaint
    What does your contract say about rights of access?
    Whilst underhand, I don't actually see what you can do about it. You let them in.

    Have you reported the repairs to the letting agent in writing?

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  • Letting Agent and Landlord entered our rooms with falsified permission

    How do all,
    just joined so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong. If so, mods please delete or move.

    So basically, I've been in a house with 3 others for a few months now, landlord lives abroad. We've had awful trouble with the letting agency throughout but this I think takes the biscuit.I was at home yesterday awaiting a visit from a guy sent by the letting agent to fix our fence in the garden. Doorbell goes and it's the letting agent and the LANDLORD!!! *cue ominous music*. I was taken a back initially, standing there in my pyjamas, They came in, I introduced myself to him and he said "Well, I guess I'll have a look at the living room". Letting Agengt said "Sure, it's your house". So basically, he pottered about the house telling the agent all these things he wanted fixed, cracked windows, draughts, dampness, etc. Things we've been trying to get them to fix for months. If I'm honest, I have a feeling in my water he's potentially looking to sell.

    He then said he'd like a look at the bedrooms. I said I knew nothing about this visit and I don't know if the other girls would agree to having their rooms looked in. The letting agent said she had permission from all three girls. I made her repeat that she had express permission from all three girls individually. So in they went to have a look. I denied access to my room, I like my privacy. They were a little surprised that I wouldn't let them in. Anyway they went (fence is still broken by the way) after that. Found out what I had thought from my housemates after. No permission was given for access to the rooms, no contact was made asking for access. Complete lie told by the letting agent. Can someone give me advice on what to do here. What rule, if any, has actually been broken. I'm kind of new to the accommodation laws in this country so have no idea where to begin.


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