Problems with estate agents/management/builders whilst abroad.

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    Problems with estate agents/management/builders whilst abroad.

    Hi All

    We`ve been having alot of issues with our estate agents back in the UK whilst trying to deal with some building works that are required on our house. I`m at my wits end with them due to slow and poor communication. Often it takes a week for them to get back to me and usually I have to push for a response. I`m abroad so telephone is difficult.
    I`ve heard via some neighbours that the tenant has been complaining thinking its my fault for all the delays, obviously the agents are telling her lies. So i tried writing to the tenant by post and gave him my email to contact me directly but he is refusing as he asked the agent he prefered communication through them. Then last year the contractor that had started work suddenly pulled out, then we had to get new quotes and submit them to the insurance company which took about 6 weeks. When only 2 vastly different quotes were given and I asked for another the agents refused saying that we were inconveniencing the tenants. So I submitted them to the insurance company, which envolved a loss adjuster to goto the house only to now find out the contractor cant do the work until July! This whole thing has been going on over a year now and its really starting to stress us out, let alone the tenant.

    So i`m looking for suggestions. Try asking the agents if I can speak to the tenants directly to resolve the issue faster, or get some new agents?


    You'd probably do better to get on a plane and come back to UK to take charge of everything yourself. There are plenty of jobbing builders/plumbers/carpenters that are looking for smallish jobs.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


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    • Reply to Estate agency and eviction
      by Perce
      Hello All,

      The deposit has been paid to me at last. 10 days earlier than expected. I was surprised. My ex T. did not agree to release it but also did not raise a dispute....
      14-10-2021, 22:10 PM
    • Estate agency and eviction
      by Perce

      My tenant was evicted. Does this mean that my relationship with the estate agency has ended ?

      I am not using this agency anymore as I am selling although I am still dealing with the agency regarding the deposit. I was advised to wait for 3 months. The Tenant did...
      09-09-2021, 16:45 PM
    • Reply to Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by DoricPixie
      The letting agency has been given the ol' Spanish archer and I'm waiting to hear back about remortgaging from CTL on the SVR to a BTL mortgage. Onward and upwards....
      11-10-2021, 13:46 PM
    • Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by DoricPixie
      The rental property is in Scotland and yes I am complying with all necessary legislation.

      A letting agent manages the property as I live overseas. The last tenant moved out a few weeks ago to move in with her partner and was no bother at all. Lots of viewings after the tenant moved out...
      03-09-2021, 08:00 AM
    • Reply to Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by Jon66
      I spend long periods out of the UK, and i pay a good friend to carry out checks etc. I don't use an agent. Providing you have a good plumber, handyman and electrician you can call on an agent is superfluous....
      09-10-2021, 11:37 AM
    • Reply to Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by DoricPixie
      The boiler has a frost setting and because I have consent to let on my mortgage I have to pay an extra 1% interest. I think I will approach my friend about acting as the agent. I'll also continue sounding out the other agent....
      09-10-2021, 10:36 AM
    • Reply to Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by DoricPixie
      Jesus wept...
      09-10-2021, 10:18 AM
    • Reply to Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by royw
      If you trust your friend would it be an option to pay her to be your agent? Leaving it empty is always possible but it brings it's own problems. You need to decide what to do about heating. An unheated house will get damp but leaving it on will obviously cost you. You may want to drain the pipes to...
      09-10-2021, 09:14 AM
    • Reply to Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by doobrey
      Another one I had at around the same time as the issue described in post #23 was the matter of the inverted mattress.

      Having been quite alarmed by the levels of competence indicated by the report about the stained mattress protector, I travelled approx 500 miles to the property to see for...
      09-10-2021, 07:38 AM
    • Reply to Letting Agent Pushing Tenants
      by DoricPixie
      Absolutely pathetic. I'm not sure if there is a decent letting agent in the entire city. Most seem to have one individual who is the acceptable face of the agency and appears competent only for your property to be handed over to a colleague who either doesn't care or is as thick as two short planks....
      08-10-2021, 23:34 PM