Can an agency refuse to transfer the tenants deposit?

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    Can an agency refuse to transfer the tenants deposit?


    Seeking some advice.

    I have terminated the agreement with myself & a property management company but they have refused to transfer to me the tenants deposit.
    As its in a protected scheme, they have said they can not release the money to me & that they will release it to the tenant when they move out if I am happy for them to do so.

    Are they legally allowed to hold that money & refuse to give to me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Which scheme is it protected in and why do you want it, particularly?
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      I am no longer with them & I don't want any to do with them.
      More peace of mind that they won't try anything funny either as they have set their stall out & I quite frankly do not trust them.


        Open a account with the DPS and give them your landlord ID number and they should be able transfer over..

        If you are asking for the pound notes to be paid over to you while the tenancy is still active I can understand the agent being a bit jittery about it in case you don't then protect it correctly and if the tenant made a x3 claim they may name the agent as a co defendant as well as you. Yes the agent could probably fairly easily counter it but who want the hassle, time and effect to do so.


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