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    Opinions of a letting agent

    In 2014 I intend to take my inventory company into Cardiff a very fast moving, bussling and vibrant area with in the letting industry, we have researched every inventory service provider already there, many do not show an association to either the AIIC or APIP the governing bodies to our sector, all of who in my honest opinion are over priced but yet according to their websites the estate agents are willing to pay for these services.

    I would very much like the opinions of letting agent owners and managers a like, what would make you choose one provider over the other?

    Is it totally down to cost? Is it down to time keeping and if so how do you know whether one is better than the other? Do they need to be associated to the AIIC or APIP?

    Finally if a provider were to approach you, what would be the best way to engage you and get your attention in the first place?

    Sorry to disappoint, but most landlords with a modicum of commonsense have worked out that producing a professional inventory is not brain surgery. It requires a pen, piece of paper, a camera/video and an hour or so of your time. Unless you can offer a professional service (including the check in and check out) for less than £75, I doubt you'll get many takers.

    I think we worked out once that you only need English skills to NC Level 4 and Maths to Level 3 in order to inventorise (?) a property.

    Do you have those Levels?
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      I wonder if the new tenancy "laws" in Wales will affect the inventory business?

      I suspect lots of agencies will find that they are unable to cope with two different types of tenancies (lets face it, many can't handle just ASTs) and will crumble to be taken over by the better (or bigger) companies.


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