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  • Snorkerz
    You do not need to re-apply for a new tenancy.

    You have a tenancy with the landlord, that has not changed. Who he wants to 'manage' the property is entirely his choice but it is totally separate to the contract you have with him. Your tenancy with the new landlord is every bit as valid as it was when you signed it all those years ago with the old landlord.

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  • asram
    started a topic New Landlord

    New Landlord

    I have been renting my current accommodation for nearly 5 years and am on an 'Assured Tenancy' which runs until December.

    The property has recently been sold and I have a new landlord. One of the reasons the new landlord has purchased the property is because I have nearly 5 years of exemplary tenancy on record. Both the purchasers and lettings agent have told me this.

    The new purchasers have switched lettings agents to a different branch albeit with the same company.

    The week before last I received a phone call from the new lettings agency explaining that I will receive correspondence with details of how to cancel my current standing order to the new agency (same company).

    Last Friday I received an application form as if I was a new tenant. In the process I would have to provide references, proof of residency. proof of identification and employment details etc etc. I would also again have to provide a guarantor.

    Obviously I was confused as all the way through I have been told it would be a simple case of having a new landlord. I called the branch today.

    The original reason she gave me was that it was because the lease was with a different branch. To which I pointed out that they were the same company and I have had 5 years of being a good tenant and paying on time. She then said that it was because the management agreement with the new landlord was different, to which I said that, that was between them and the new landlord. She then said that it was because of the amount of time I had been in the property they need to renew the references.

    I'm sure that when I first discovered that the property was being sold I googled and read that I would just be informed of the transfer of landlord. Before I speak to them again what I would really like to know is, do I really have to go through the whole reapplying for a tenancy? Is this the correct procedure?

    Thank you

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