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    Deposit reductions

    My daughter was in student accomodation. She has had most of her deposit refunded but the house has been charged £50 for a call out to lock a patio door.£60 for cleaning which i believe is a fridge and a shower room wall. The fridge we believe was clean. The shower room is on an outside wall with no window and ansmall, old extractor fan which is never going to remove the condensation from the room.
    To cap it all the "bill" was sent without a stamp. My daughter found a card saying a parcel needed to be paid for and found it was from the letting agency. She had to pay £1.50 and spend time, borrow my wifes car and go to get a letter to tell her the agency had taken money off her.
    Are we withn our rights to charge the letting agency £59 for going to get the letter as we were charged £50 to lock a door?

    Originally posted by paulr View Post
    Are we withn our rights to charge the letting agency £59 for going
    to get the letter as we were charged £50 to lock a door?
    You can try, but you wont get anywhere.

    If an agent, an odd job man has to spend time to go to a building
    to lock / unlock something, it will be between £ 30 to £ 60 per
    hour or part of.

    You "could" ask for £ 18 per hour to collect the letter + the £ 1.50.

    Regarding the cleaning, and this is not directed at you, but it is
    common knowledge that Students idea of clean, can be way off
    the mark.

    Just ask for your time and costs, then move on.


      Was this a joint tenancy or did each student have a tenancy on a specific room?


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        Hi jpkeates,

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        -- Ethan
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