Landlord seeking advice over poor service from letting agent

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    Landlord seeking advice over poor service from letting agent

    Hi all

    I'm looking for some advice here as I'm having no end of problems with my letting agent, {Mod - name removed}. I have found their standard of service and communication to be appalling whilst being charged extortionate fees. They have carried out repairs without first obtaining quotes, not returned calls, not paid money into my account on the date that they assured me they would and generally been downright rude.

    If my tenant only stays for six months I have calculated that I'll have paid them 60% of the rental income in fees, with their monthly management fee being 18.3%.

    I had to chase them to obtain an invoice for a repair that was carried out on a 9 year old washing machine and this showed a part which cost £55. In correspondence with one of their managers he revealed the part actually cost £53.88 but they allowed their contractors to round this up as he had to source the part, this was on top of a £40 job charge which I assumed would include sourcing parts. I realise the amounts are trivial but its the fact they allow this rounding up that concerns me. I was also forwarded an email from the contractor which had been sent to {Mod - name removed} in which he admitted that the machine was old and anything could go wrong at that age. Had I been contacted prior to the original repair I'd just have bought a newer second hand machine in the first place and saved myself some money.

    On top of that I had to chase {Mod - name removed} in order to have them chase the tenant for late paid rent despite me paying for a fully managed service. I was told they give the tenants 10 days after the rent due date before they even begin chasing it, which was never once explained to me prior to this incident.

    I'm now past the point where there is less than two months left on the tenancy so I cannot serve notice, although with the exception of the late paid rent which was a simple oversight on the tenants part and rectified within an hour of it being brought to their attention, they have been good tenants and I do not want to evict them for no reason other than a poor standard of service from the letting agent.
    My contract states that if I cancel the agreement with the tenants in place or move to another agent with the tenant still in place I'll owe {Mod - name removed} one month's rent plus VAT. However there is a clause that states if either party breaches contract and a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached and the agent is at fault I can cancel my contract with {Mod - name removed} without any penalty.

    My question therefore is whether or not the above issues, which is just scraping the surface of a downright joke of a service, will constitute a breach of contract on {Mod - name removed} part? As far as I'm concerned I'm paying them for a service which I am not receiving and do not think they are complying with their duties as agents, I have sent a letter to their customer relations department and have been assured of a response sometime next week but any additional advice is very much appreciated. I realise I should never have signed a contract with such extortionate fees but I found myself with a vacant property at very short notice and very little time to get it all sorted out and stupidly assumed a company the size of {Mod - name removed} would be professional and fee competitively.

    Forum rules = don't name names... edit if you have time please??


    You can serve S21 any time you like.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Apologies for that, how do I edit the post? I don't want to have to serve the S21 as I don't feel the tenants have done anything wrong and I don't want to be unfair on them when the problems lie with the letting agent.


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