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    A bit of a mess


    I have got into a pickle by believing my letting agents have been acting on my behalf and feeding me back correct information.
    So here it goes:
    The spare room had a bit of a damp problem caused by leaking guttering, the management company established the gutters not the roof was the cause of the problem and approached me re getting new guttering & facias. As this is a shared roof the landlord upstairs (private landlord) agreed with the letting agent to go halves on all work.
    The letting agent sorted this in October 2012. In dec I was still chasing up what was going on as I had not heard of works starting and eventually I got an email stating the works had been completed at the back of the property the front was waiting for better temperatures, no charge until completion.
    Unfortunately the tenants and a neighbour have just let me know that this is not the case and 2 weeks before xmas the contractors removed the rear guttering but did not replace leaving everything exposed and now both the flat I own downstairs and the upstairs flat has damaged caused by damp coming from the roof. From 1 spare room I now have both bedrooms and the hallway with damp damage.
    I do not have contractor details & could do with knowing who can be held accountable for leaving the property exposed to the elements, and who I claim against the agent or contractor and what do I do about buildings insurance? Do I need to contact them immediately to stand any chance of claiming anything if this is even covered by them?
    A lack of communication from the agent in regard to letting me know what was happening has lead to me now not knowing where to start.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you FT

    Contractor should have completed work in a workman like manner, if the agent were handling the work (and ultimately signing off) should have inspected the work carried out.

    What agreement/specification (if any) was agreed with the contractor?

    Where a contractor fails to perform in a workmanlike manner, the proper measure of damages is the cost to repair the damage
    [I]The opinions I give are simply my opinions and interpretations of what I have learnt, in numerous years as a property professional, I would not rely upon them without consulting with a paid advisor and providing them with all the relevant facts[I]


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    • Reply to Letting agents not doing their job :(
      by ArtistThing
      Thanks both for your comments, although I don't have three properties - just one, with three tenants in it! That's what I meant ­čść Maybe that wasn't clear.

      Anyway, since I posted this, things have become slightly better; I've got house valuations happening on Thursday and it'll go on...
      23-06-2021, 10:57 AM
    • Letting agents not doing their job :(
      by ArtistThing
      Hi there, long post ahead! Apologies in advance...

      I am landlord along with my ex, and we use one of the biggest letting agents in London. Currently have 3 sitting tenants, all of whom we get on well with and like, no problems there. It's the agent we all have the issues with....
      17-06-2021, 17:36 PM
    • Reply to Client money protection
      by ash72
      I looked into this a number of years ago as wanted to expand the business for family members, but the costs were too much when you weren't making much profit from it. If this is the case for yourself then I would suggest you get the T to transfer the payments directly to the LL rather than yourself....
      22-06-2021, 07:46 AM
    • Client money protection
      by Rav3n
      good afternoon,

      Could anyone suggest the easiest (and cheapest preferably) CMP firm Which covers registered agents in Wales? I'm required to get CMP, but it seems to be not suited to my wider business as i rent property as a small part of my larger business and the landlord for the limited...
      14-06-2021, 14:32 PM
    • Reply to Client money protection
      by Phyllis
      Nothing helpful to add unfortunately. Just following your post as in a similar situation. And equally frustrated. When did these new conditions come about? Do you know? Thank you.
      21-06-2021, 15:28 PM
    • Reply to Letting agents not doing their job :(
      by boletus
      Difficult to say as you don't mention any specific failings.

      With 3 properties and 2 ex tenants, claiming first time landlords not knowing any better sounds a bit thin.

      Try The Property Ombudsman (they provide an online chat service too);

      19-06-2021, 06:52 AM
    • Reply to Letting agents not doing their job :(
      by jpkeates
      Essentially, yes, but it's quite difficult in practice.

      Your best option would be to involve a solicitor, so, otherwise.
      Write and give the agent notice based on their failure to provide an adequate service.
      Given that you have three properties, it is debatable whether or not...
      18-06-2021, 11:15 AM
    • Confusion Re Temporary Tenants
      by jessa46
      My letting agent has just asked if I could let a couple use my rental flat for a 'short period' as their rental flat's living room ceiling came in. There's no talk of a written agreement - that would be dumb, right? Would this be called a tenancy at will or periodic tenancy? Hope someone can help.
      17-06-2021, 07:22 AM
    • Reply to Confusion Re Temporary Tenants
      by jessa46
      Thank you for reply. It's more clear now and the note about watching for insurance company paying rent is very helpful.
      17-06-2021, 08:58 AM
    • Reply to Confusion Re Temporary Tenants
      by jpkeates
      There's no difference between someone living somewhere for a few weeks and many months.
      It's still and AST, everyone has the same rights and the same obligations.

      Apply the same principles as any other rental (make sure the rent isn't being paid by an insurance company, they're amazingly...
      17-06-2021, 08:39 AM