Estate Agent not returning fee!!!

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    Estate Agent not returning fee!!!


    I paid an estate agent {Mod - name removed} two years management fees up front, now the tenants have left after just 11 months. I contacted the agency via email to inform them that, as they have not yet replaced the tenants, I have found tenants and I would like them to return the fees for the remaining period.

    The following is the reply I got - "please note that refunds on fees are only issued as a good will gesture and only as a credit on a next let. As you have now let the property yourself you would not be entitled to one".

    Surely this is not legal??

    Can they really not return the fees??

    Please advice as they owe me about £3500!!!



    What agreement did you sign with the letting agency?

    Presumably if you paid for two years then you had a two year agreement with letting agency, as you put tenants in yourself then you void that agreement with the letting agency.

    I would dig out any paperwork provided to you and look at the refunds policy. Perhaps you could go to small claims court for a refund.


      Why would you pay 2 years management fee upfront? Were you paid two years rent in advance?


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