Renewal Fee claim after tenancy ended!?

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    Renewal Fee claim after tenancy ended!?

    Ok, where do i stand?

    My old agent was instructed to find me a tenant which they did and i paid them for. The agreement was not to manage and not to collect rent, i do that.

    I have now entered into a new tenancy (a few months ago now) with the tenant which i did by myself outside of the agents knowledge. The agent has now realised the same tenant is in occupation and has demanded a renewal fee!

    The t&c's with the agent includes a renewal fee for all tenancies which are renewed or extended. No mention of a brand new tenancy with the existing tenant.

    any thoughts welcomed. Happy to send Private message for more information.

    A brand new tenancy is in effect a renewal or regrant, but as the agent did not effect the renewal i.e. did no work then IMO they are not entitled to anything.

    Did they approach you before renewal asking your intentions or those of the tenant?
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


      "The agreement was not to manage and not to collect rent."

      If they are demanding a "renewal fee", then they are "Managing",and
      your instructions were to "Find tenant only" and not to manage.

      Assuming your "written" instructions were, find only, then tell them
      to go away, and irrespective of what the contract says.

      If the contract says we will find, but if they renew, we want a renewal
      fee, then more fool you for signing the contract.
      But as above, to request a renewal fee, means they do work.

      Tell them to jump in the lake, and you should hear no more.
      BUT, if they have money to burn, and you signed a contract to pay
      them a renewal fee, they "could" take you to court, but it's not worth
      their time for £ 100 or so.

      Call their bluff.



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