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    Safey Regulations etc.


    I have started up a letting agency in my area and am asking advice on the Gas Safety Regulations, Electrical Safety Regulations, Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations and Energy Performance Certificate.

    As an agent, on a property I am fully managing, do agents also deal with all the checks and regulations? I am mainly concerned about the furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations as this seems like it could be a very long and difficult process to check all the furniture and furnishings.

    How does this work? Is it all on the head of the landlord or the agent? If on the agent, how strict should I be on demanding all the certificates of electric, gas, furniture and energy as I understand the consequences can be fatal if any of these aren't safe.

    Any advice on these regulations is greatly appreciated.



    Richard, I take it you understood the forum rules about as well as you read and understood the relevant legislation before starting your business?


      Forum Rules? No I have not read them. I currently have no properties or tenants so I am doing my research. I just need to get my head round all the regulations and safetey details.


        Okay, I'll try and be gentle.

        Do you really think it is fair that you propose to charge landlords to manage their properties when you don't know these really important issues? To add to the fact that you intend to charge people like us, you then come on here to see if you can obtain that information from landlords free of charge. You have to see the irony, surely?

        I'll answer your questions though - Furniture, yes I think you have to check that it all complies - the legislation states that it is an offence to supply non-compliant furniture.

        Non-HMOs have no legal obligation to have electrical certificates, though if you want to establish yourself as a quality and reliable agent then it would perhaps be worth including that obligation in your T&Cs

        You can't market a property that doesn't have an Energy Performance Certificate - are you aware of the new rules?

        Come to think of it are you aware of the new rules on deposits which came into effect yesterday?

        Gas certificate is a legal requirement, I certainly wouldn't dare marketing a property without one.

        If I may say so, your website (DIY?) does not inspire confidence with its spelling mistakes and it fails to comply with some of its legal obligations.


          I appreciate you taking your time to reply. I am aware of the gas and electric regulations and still need to reseach the others.

          As I have said in my previous posts, I am still leaning about it. I don't see the reason for you trying to refrain from ripping me apart simply because I have asked for advice and again, am still reseaching. Surely landlords, like yourself would feel more comfortable knowing their agent knows all the rules and regulations.

          As for the website, I am fully aware of its condition and it is not advertsed so the website will be read through after. Although it fails to comply with legal obligations?

          As far as I'm concerned, everyone has to start somewhere and this is where I'm starting.

          Again I appreciate your reply, I just don't see the need to say "ill try to be gentle"


            You cannot learn to be a letting agent and do the job correctly from a forum.


              You really need to learn the trade for a number of years before you set out on your own. Just because there is no legal requirement for qualifications or experience doesn't mean that they are not absolutely essential.

              You do not appear have the skills required to offer the service that you advertise, that could be considered a little misleading. Here is an example, if I, as a landlord, were to let my property through your fully managed service, and then the tenant sub-let the property, how would you advise me to legally regain my property? I don't expect you to answer the question, it is just an example - but I'll give you a clue - the prhases 'section 21' or 'section 8' do not feature in the answer.

              You are advertising your business so it is not inconceivable that people will view the website (like I did). Therefore it has to be right. The Companies Act 2006 requires you (even as a sole trader) to display the name of the owner and your contact details (not a PO Box) at any place you do business, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills regard a website as a place of business. Although your contact details in BN23 are publiclly available, a potential customer should not be obliged to search for it.


                Originally posted by LifestyleRental View Post
                Surely landlords, like yourself would feel more comfortable knowing their agent knows all the rules and regulations.
                We gave up hoping for that some time ago, tbh. And although you are breaching forum rules by advertising your business in your username, at least we now know it and can avoid employing you with your current rather woeful skill set.

                To say Snorkerz 'ripped you apart' is a huge exaggeration, btw. I thought he was extraordinarily restrained, in the circumstances!
                'Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation fo the first link on one memorable day'. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


                  Originally posted by LifestyleRental View Post
                  I don't see the reason for you trying to refrain from ripping me apart
                  You'd rather I didn't try?


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                    If you’re managing the property, what is the agency doing?
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                    And start letting agent redress scheme complaint process:
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