Novice landlord.... 10 days in and only one viewing arranged by agent

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    Novice landlord.... 10 days in and only one viewing arranged by agent

    Hi guys, newbie landlord here!

    I have decided to rent out my two bedroom apartment so my girlfriend and I can move into a bigger property. I have decided to go through an agent as I don’t really have the time or know-how to take it on myself.
    We need to be out of here and in our new place by 8th Oct at the latest and we need a tenant in here asap. The issue is that after out apartment being on the rent market for nearly 2 weeks our letting agent has only managed to arrange one viewing.

    Is this normal or should I be on the phone to them 10 times a day to make sure they're doing their job? Any advice on how I can maximise the number of viewings (dual agency?) please help! Likewise if you think I’m just being too impatient, please tell me!!! Thanks for your help guys

    You need to check the advert on Rightmove. You should make it the cheapest of its type in the area, and mention any unique features.


      Do you have permission to let from your mortgage company?
      Do you have permission to let from your freeholder?

      Do you have sufficient funds or insurances in place so you could survive (inc paying morgage) if tenants stopped paying rent for 5 months (approx eviction time)?


        Phoning the agent 10 times a day is unlikely to make you their favourite client. Unless they let it they won't get paid, so its in their interests to find a tenant for you. And to find the right tenant.

        There's no harm in asking them why the response has been so slow. There are generally three reaons why a property doesn't get let if its advertised properly; its either on at too much money, its in a really poor condition or its in a poor location. You have to be honest with yourself in regards to points 2 and 3 and be guided by the agent and market place on point 1.

        If all all three points are OK, and its being marketed correctly, then its probably just a slow market to blame.
        My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.


          It'll either be down to price or how it's marketed i.e. how well it's been described and photographed. If you aren't happy with them look for another agent to work on the property alongside.
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