Agent goes bust - Landlord needs advice

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    Agent goes bust - Landlord needs advice

    The letting agent we have used for 3 years a Ltd company that has been in the town for at least 15 years went bust on the 31st August.

    Despite claiming to be regulated they were not in fact a member of any body that would protect rent owed. Further more it turns out that they never registered any deposits in a government scheme, nor did they ring fence the deposit money. In fact they did not even do the gas safety certificate I paid for!

    Well I will lose out but that's my problem, I never checked that they were doing what they said they were, so I have no one to blame but myself!

    This is not a moan about losing money, rather I have a question about how I proceed with my tenants and the agreement between them and me.

    The tenants are apparently good people and have been in the house now for 18 months, I want to keep them!

    I am advised that I should make them sign a new Tenancy agreement because the old one while it mentioned my name was C/O the agent and did not have my address on it.

    Obviously it is up to them as to weather they wish to sign a new agreement so my question really is -

    If they don't sign a new agreement, should I try to get them out or let the old agreement run on?

    By the way I have today protected their deposit, I'm trying to do the right thing by them as well as myself.

    Any help/advice would be great!!!

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