Agency advertised property lower than I asked them to !

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    Agency advertised property lower than I asked them to !


    I am hoping someone here might be able to advise me of where I stand....

    The rental agency which I use to find/reference prospective tenants have rented out my house for £5 a month lower than it has been previously been rented out for?!!

    OK - over 6 months its only £30 but I never agreed to them lowering the price, it seems to be sopmething they just decided to do without consulting me !! The first I heard of it was when they emailed me to tell me they had rented the property out for this new lower price !!!.

    I have emailed them to ask why they suddenly saw fit to lower the price (maybe it is an innocent mistake). They have not written back - yet!

    Can I force the agency to give me the extra £30, seeing as I pay them enough for their services anyway. The agency in question is a member of the ANAEA (sp?)

    It might seem petty £30 - but this is my only income and every little helps me and my little one.

    Thank you in advance for any advice...



    I've just read Paul_fs reply to LyndyLou

    I am going to repost this in the rental property section as I think that I could have mis-posted in this forum .....

    Sorry ! I thought this was the place to post about queries regarding letting agents, not the place for letting agents to meet up !



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