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    We are having a few issues with our letting agents. We have tennants in the property at the moment and they seem ok and we would like to keep them in there. How does one go about changing letting agents, is it simply a case of finding a new one and putting our existing one on notice?


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    What does your current Agency Agreement provide about L's termination rights?
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      Originally posted by jeffrey View Post
      What does your current Agency Agreement provide about L's termination rights?
      Not sure i'll have to dig it out - but I presume there will be a notice period.

      But assuming we abide by the agreement - will the let simply transfer to the new agent once the notice period has been served?


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        generally once you have agreed termination stuff with your current LA and found a new one your new LA to be should take care of things

        They will write to current agent asking for paperwork, AST, gas safety certs etc

        You will also need to have the tenant give their permission to the current LA to transfer the deposit held to you so you can then protect it and issue certificate.

        It should be a relatively pain free procedure if done right!


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