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    My wife and I, after escaping from London, having been renting in Nottingham through XXXXXX lettings
    Although the tenancy is my wifes name, the landlord and agent were informed that I had moved once I had secured a job up here.
    The property at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Nottingham is in DANGEROUS condition, water leaks from the bathroom and onto electrical sockets and has TWICE sent appliances LIVE, even though the sockets they were plugged into were switched off.
    we have complained, written to the agent and the landlord, Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxx on numerous occasions to no avail.
    Work started and abandoned in DEC 07, then restarted and bodged in Apr 08,is denied by the agent.
    We have a minor (under sixteen yr old) living with us, with exposed wiring in the kitchen, water leaking onto this etc...
    Our rent is never late, we have improved the property etc...
    The property is, acording to contract, to be inspected every TWO months.
    The agents have attended ONCE!
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    You should immediately telephone your local council and inform them of the scenario. They can come and inspect the house and look at it under the terms of HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System), introduced in 2005. If the situation is as you have explained, I have no doubt that the council will take action against the landlord, with a requirement that the property is bought up to an acceptable standard.



      We have tried this and were informed that should wetake this further the agent would likely either withhold our deposit OR prolong the repayment.
      Gedling Council were little help.


        Originally posted by jacksopj View Post
        We have tried this and were informed that should wetake this further the agent would likely either withhold our deposit OR prolong the repayment.
        Gedling Council were little help.
        If the tenancy is recent then the deposit should be protected in a TDS. So the agent can't withhold it.
        Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau, they should guide you in the right direction.


          Originally posted by jacksopj View Post
          We have tried this and were informed that should wetake this further the agent would likely either withhold our deposit OR prolong the repayment.
          Gedling Council were little help.
          It is important that you continue to notify your agent & landlord of the issues and keep a record of all the occasions that you have notified them.

          With regards to the safety of electrical installations, the following is taken from the HHSRS Guidance for Landlords and Property Related Professionals documents (which can be obtained from


          Include hazards from shock and burns resulting from exposure to electricity but not risks associated with fire caused by deficiencies to the electrical installations, e.g. ignition caused by a short circuit.

          Health effects

          Shock effects range from mild tingling sensations to disruption of normal
          heartbeat/respiratory muscles, causing death. Can also cause burns.

          Measures to lessen the likelihood of occurrence and reduce harm outcomes

          • Electrical wiring installation meets the latest requirements of Institution of
          Electrical Engineers/British Standard (BS 7671) (Often available in local
          reference libraries);

          • Adequate number of appropriately sited electrical socket outlets;

          • Appropriately sited fuses and meters;

          • Adequately earthed electrical system;

          • Installation, i.e. supply/meters/fuses/wiring/sockets/light fittings/switches to be maintained in good repair;

          • Electrical installations to avoid close proximity to water including areas of
          damp; and

          • Lightning Protection System to be kept in good repair.

          Hazard assessment

          • A visual inspection of the electrical system and fixed appliances to identify
          obvious hazards;

          • Where there appear to be deficiencies that increase risk above average, then a full inspection and test report by a qualified electrician/electrical engineer may be necessary – in any event this may be desirable anyway at least every couple of years; and

          • The condition of associated leads and plugs of portable appliances should also be taken into account in the assessment if they are provided as part of a rented dwelling.

          It seems strange that the local council will not arrange an inspection of the property, and agin, I would recommend continuing to request an inspection of the property, saying that you feel that the property falls foul of HHSRS rules.


            I cant see the question youre asking but I would strongly recommend you edit your original post to remove the agents and landlord's name, your address etc.


              Thanks for your response
              The purpose of including the name of the agents, landlord and the address is an attempt to safeguard future tenants.
              We thankfully leave this death trap on the 26th Sept.
              I do prey this explains the case.
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                General note re defamation (libel): there are two possible defences for a defendant (D).

                1. FAIR COMMENT: D is not claiming truth of allegation but merely that comment is fair. Defence n/a if if D is provably actuated by malice.

                2. JUSTIFICATION: D is claiming truth of allegation. D has to prove truth (i.e. plaintiff/claimant does not have to prove untruth).
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                  The defamatory content must be proven by the plaintiff. If, as there is, supporting evidence against said plaintiff, they is no case for Libel or Slander.
                  To further support the underhanded dealings with xxxxxx lettings . Mr xxxxxxxx, at 12:15 today, attempted to gain entrance without prior notice to show prospective tenants around.
                  Fortunately, I am working from home for half a day today and got here about 20mins before his attempt to access to house.
                  I gladly showed these prospective tenants around the house, starting with the kitchen, that had flooded again, water running down the walls, onto sockets, pooling on the kitchen floor, damaging our personal belongings...again!
                  I James Gamble in front of the prospective tenants.
                  He, of course denies all knowledge of the works undertaken, the complaints etc... We do, however, have copies of the letters written to Mr xxxxxxxxx by Gedling Council, so denial is futile.
                  Now it is more than public, not only have xxxxxxxx lettings ignored safety regulations, they have also attempted to gain ILLEGAL entry and further breached their own contract whilst also denying human rights of privacy and peace.
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                    I note that this thread is beginning to get to the top of the searches in Google for the name of the agent.

                    I ran across it when search for the recent "clerical error" HMO enforcement case.

                    Someone might like to edit out the names :-).

                    Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.


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