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    Agency ownership change

    My current letting agent has been bought by another agency that I had a dispute with in the past and now find myself back with them with no choice

    Did you have a question?

    What does the agreement with the "current letting agent" (not AST) say about change of ownership ?? Or notice period by you??
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I would tell the new owner the contract has ended and see how they respond.


        Did the takeover involve the purchase of goodwill or the acquisition of shares?


          My estate agent has been bought and taken over by another agent in which I havent a contract with them. Can i get out of clause with my full management with the old agents as i feel they dont seem to be much help {old agents}after my house flooded. i was notified the day the new agent took over


            As per @Lawcruncher's post above, it depends on what was purchased.

            If you have an agreement with company x and company y purchases it entirely, the chances are that your contract is still with company x, which is now entirely owned by company y.

            If company y didn't completely buy company x, it would depend on what they did buy.

            Most contracts don't have change of ownership clauses in them (because that makes them less valuable).
            So I don't see any obvious reason that your contract should now be able to be "got out" of other than however you are able to end it now.

            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              When my agency was bought out I refused to sign their contract and when they made some basic errors told them I was unhappy and was leaving and going elsewhere. Seemed to work for me.


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              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by jpkeates
                I don't think they can object if you say no, it's not what you thought it was from the advert.
                I don't think they can do anything (other than maybe not rent to you in future - but I don't see why they would do that, I'd bet this has happened before).

                I'd ask for a draft tenancy agreement...
                16-08-2022, 16:51 PM
              • Tenant vs licensee
                by Ven

                Long storry short, ive paid booking fee to one agency, and after finishing reference checks they send me agreement, where im being described as licensee and they as licensors.
                This wasnt mentioned anywhere in the spareroom advertisement.
                is it possible to cancel the booking...
                16-08-2022, 13:47 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by Ven
                How can I peacefuly decline to sign their offer?
                is there anything they can do to harm me?
                how can i stop this occuring in the future? Perhaps i would need to ask to see draft of tenancy agreement before paying holding deposit?...
                16-08-2022, 16:32 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by jpkeates
                No, but I think you're overthinking it.

                If they have the right to enter your room at any time, it is trying to be a licence agreement, not an tenancy.
                But my guess is that they make their money letting rooms not taking fees for referencing or non-returnable deposits (although they'll...
                16-08-2022, 16:27 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by Ven
                Thank you for this response.
                i agree with you. The contract they send me includes many different behaviour violation, which would result in termination of the contract, also they have the right to enter the property and the rooms at any time without any notice..
                all that just indicates to...
                16-08-2022, 16:20 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by jpkeates
                Technically it doesn't matter what the agreement says it is, the reality is what determines if its a tenancy or a licence.
                But that won't help you if they lock you out in the rain one day because you've upset them somehow.

                They sound a bit dodgy to me, so I'd walk away.
                16-08-2022, 16:04 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by Ven
                Well the advertisement says there is access to shared kitchen.
                What is interesting thery are charging pretty much the same for a double room as what a tenant would pay. Its not the cheapest room.
                Perhaps many people sign the contract unknowingly they are agreeing to be lodgers.
                16-08-2022, 15:32 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by jpkeates
                If what you're renting is a room in a shared house and you have access to some shared space, it shouldn't be a licence.
                Unless you're acting as a property guardian of some kind.

                You're not trying to find somewhere you can afford in London are you?
                16-08-2022, 15:22 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by Ven
                I dont think they mention the word "landlord" even once in the document they have send me, they call themselves licence holders or licensors in that document.
                Perhaps i shoukd ask who is the landlord but i doubt they woukd answer me properly ­čĄö

                licensee, if i understand...
                16-08-2022, 15:17 PM
              • Reply to Tenant vs licensee
                by doobrey
                Is the agency the landlord?
                16-08-2022, 15:04 PM