Do I have grounds to claim back relisting fee from the agency?

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  • aiffone
    The agreement said 12 months which could be terminated after six months

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  • Lawcruncher
    We first need to establish whether what you had was a fixed or periodic term. Did the agreement grant a term of six months and then go on to say it continued, or just keep to granting six months?

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  • Do I have grounds to claim back relisting fee from the agency?

    I signed up a six months contract starting from November 2021. By April 21st 2022, I wrote to notify the agency I would not be renewing rent going forward from May 19th (that's when rent is due). I got mail from termniations stating that i am expected to give 2 months notice thus the notice would be taken as 19th June except the Landlord agrees to end the contract early. I had to move to a new house early May as I had paid the holding deposit, hence I was sure I would be out of the old house before my rent was due on the 19th May.

    The agency said they had to speak with the landlord to confirm he was agreeing to end the contract and they could put it back on the market. He agreed on phone and the agency said I had to pay £500 plus vat (making £600 in all). I protested that I would move out way before my rent expired and there was ample time to get in a new tenant, why should I pay £600. The agency said it was relisting fee. I found this strange given that they said if I stayed till my notice period (19th June) I wouldn't have to pay relisting fees.

    So I paid with the mind that by so doing, I am no longer liable to pay rent (£895) come 19th May since I would be out of the house. I noticed that the angency had relisted the house on market and I wondered why the angency had listed the house regardless of the fact that I hadn't paid. To forestall a dark story, I later paid the £600 and sent a mail with the payment reciept for them to acknowledge the payment and state that I was no longer liable. They refused to akcnowledge the payment and didn't akcnowledge that by recieving payment i was no longer going to be liable beyond 19th May.

    I moved out of the house 14th May and wrote that the house was free and they could have the key. The inventory guys said they would not be avaible until 26th May to collect they key. Next I got an email saying I was liable until 26th May as that's when a new tenant was available to move into the house.

    Why did I then pay £600 if I am still going to be liable anyway until a new tenant moves in? I phoned and they said they never notified that I was no longer liable by 19th. Then what was the £600 for? Is it a fine? the Manager said it was not. Is it relisting fee? He said that isn't what it was for. It was for breaking agreement or whatever the reason given in mail (In mail relisting was cited and they never acknowledged payment was recived to that end).

    The question is do I have grounds to claim a refund of the £600 and accept liability until 26th May. I had paid £600 with the mind I wouldn't be liable beyond 19th and moved out 14th.
    Furthermore they are trying to say I needed to have paid for professional cleaning service after moving out. I cleaned the apartment myself and its neater than when I moved into it. Should the angency be able to deduct cleaning from my deposit?

    If I have grounds to claim back my £600, what steps do I need to take? File a law suit or seek redress in some establishment?

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