Missing inventory and agent ignoring me

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    Missing inventory and agent ignoring me

    I own a house in England that is let to students on an annual basis. The house is let and managed by an estate agent. Among the services they provide is a detailed photographic inventory to document the state of each room and of the furniture.

    I have been billed for the inventory this summer. Since the house has been redecorated through the agent, I requested a copy of the inventory. One of the agents told me he would email it to me immediately. I did not received anything.

    This was six weeks ago. Since then, I sent several emails to this agent and to the office manager to request the inventory. I received no reply whatsoever.

    I suspect that the inventory was never created and that they are not replying so I don’t have any communication from them I can use in a dispute. I also tried to call them by phone but they are avoiding me like the plague. I find this behaviour utterly unprofessional and rude.

    The inventory is essential to assess potential damages at the end of the property - not having one is a big mess. At this point I am also suspicious about the expensive redecoration they convinced me to have.

    What can I do to force them to reply and to either send me the inventory or admit it does not exist and take remedial action? For a few weeks I won’t be able to visit the property or the agents’ office.

    Sack your agent. Behaviour like this tends to be the start of them going under.


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