Agent won't provide receipt because of "GDPR"

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    Agent won't provide receipt because of "GDPR"

    Hi all

    I'm starting a new tenancy agreement in 2 weeks, we're yet to sign the tenancy agreement. As part of the accepted offer conditions, I asked for the property to be professionally cleaned before we move in, which the landlord accepted as part of the offer (I have this in writing).

    I've asked the managing agent to provide a copy of the receipt of the professional clean before move in, as proof that the agreement was fulfilled as requested. The agent have responded: "In regards to a receipt for the professional clean, unfortunately we cannot provide this to tenants for GDPR reasons" - this sounds like a pretty invalid position legally, can anyone verify the laws around this?

    Many thanks

    Bollocks, but in the end your choice.

    There is no such thing as a 'professional clean' and even if there was it would be nothing to do with GDPR.

    You have asked for something silly.
    They (unprofessionaly admited) have given a silly reply.

    As said your choice; do you want the rental or not?

    PS. I'm a tenant not a landlord.


      If I was your landlord I'd be looking for alternative tenants


        Agree with both the above responses. The state of cleanliness might be something you could ask about (bearing in mind that you have to return it in the same state) - bust asking for a "professional receipt" is silly.

        I'd find another tenant if I were the landlord. You sound bad news.


          The invoice for the clean is between the landlord and contracting company. You have no right to see it and they have no obligation to provide it. GDPR doesn't come into it but is often used as a reason in similar requests.

          Can I please see your last payslip? No, its none of my business


            Originally posted by Lesney Park View Post
            Can I please see your last payslip? No, its none of my business
            Although it might be.

            Both these things are a matter of choice (making decisions based on information)

            Prospective Tenant to landlord: Can I see the professional cleaning slip otherwise I'm going to look for a tenancy elsewhere.

            Prospective landlord to tenant: Can I see your last 20 payslips. Tenant, no none of your business. Landlord -- Ok that's fine you can find somewhere else to stay.


              Cleanliness is subjective and the standard of cleaning from one person/company to another varies greatly so I guess you have asked for something ambiguous but the bottom line is do you want to take the property 'as is' or not?

              If an agent is claiming GDPR is a reason not to show receipts i would be driving out of their car park very fast as they sound like a bunch of complete clowns I would not want to transact business with


                'sfunny how some agents & landlords require sight of receipt from a "professional clean" paid for by tenant at end of tenancy..... Maybe written into contract
                I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                  I think some of the posters are a little harsh. How many times have we seen on here tenants saying the agent promised the property would be cleaned/painted/repaired etc and it hasn't happened, what should they do? At least this poster is trying to make sure.

                  I suspect the issue here is the lack of trust between the prospective tenant and agent. So why didn't the agent come back to OP saying 'we give assurances the property will be gleaming' or ' this landlord's properties are always immaculate'?

                  Some might say op is being careful.


                    I don't think cleaning is subjective. There should be no sign that anyone else ever lived there. No mould, no hair, no pee near the toilet, no coffee stains, no smell, no personal property, immaculate carpets, cupboards cleaned and polished, washing machines cleaned inside, hair traps removed and cleaned, no limescale anywhere etc etc.


                      I have employed 'many' cleaners over the last 30 odd years over many tenancies, in different countries, cleans of my own home and some commercial environments. All those employed to clean will tell you the property has been cleaned, that they are professional cleaners and they will even provide a receipt but the standards have varied 'greatly'.


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                        jpkeates I don't think you're right.
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                        Well let's hope you were not dumb enough to sign a contract which says that you are compelled to accept a tenant they choose (or any tenant at all).

                        What does the contract say about the obligations of the parties and what you owe them and when? We can't tell from here.

                        A cooling...
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