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    Can anyone recommend a trustworthy, efficient and reasonably priced letting agent offering full management services covering East Hull? An agent who replies promptly to tenants and landlords, and who can arrange good quality repairs at fair prices when necessary.

    My advice would be, if at all possible, to manage yourself and find your own reliable tradesmen. A Facebook 'my local area' type group would be a good place to start if you can't find trades by personal recommendation.

    You could find the best agent ever, but if they employ a complete muppet and assign them to your properties, you've effectively got the worst agent ever.

    Use a website like OpenRent to find your tenants (others are available, but that's the one I use)


      Apologies for the late follow up. Beswick, thank you for your advice, much appreciated.


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      • Selling Fees - Marketing Strategy
        by Claymore

        I had an agent round to value a property - I did have it in mind to go with this particular agency but by the time the guy had left me, I had felt really pressurised to sign up and I am kicking myself that I fell for his patter. All the agents around here are 1% plus VAT but he gave...
        13-06-2021, 22:51 PM
      • 14 Day Cooling Period - Applicable to Lettings Agents?
        by RyanWalring
        This might be a dumb question. Google was bringing up too many questions for me to work it out.

        I signed an agreement with a lettings agent on the 3rd June. I didn't send it until the 5th and he responded on the 7th with a copy that has his signature. This was signed virtually as apparently...
        09-06-2021, 16:52 PM
      • Reply to 14 Day Cooling Period - Applicable to Lettings Agents?
        by RyanWalring
        We've gone our separate ways after I invoked the 14 day cooling off period. Posting just for anyone in the future with this question. Doesn't mean you have to be let off. I'm just saying after I used that and it worked.

        jpkeates I don't think you're right.
        10-06-2021, 16:40 PM
      • Reply to 14 Day Cooling Period - Applicable to Lettings Agents?
        by jpkeates
        The cooling off period only applies to services bought at a distance, which might apply if you've never met the agent.
        It also only applies if the agent is a company or trading as one.

        It applies from the point that you entered the contract, which, I think, is the point that you signed...
        10-06-2021, 07:04 AM
      • Reply to 14 Day Cooling Period - Applicable to Lettings Agents?
        by AndrewDod
        Well let's hope you were not dumb enough to sign a contract which says that you are compelled to accept a tenant they choose (or any tenant at all).

        What does the contract say about the obligations of the parties and what you owe them and when? We can't tell from here.

        A cooling...
        09-06-2021, 19:37 PM
      • Reply to OpenRent KYC?
        by ash72
        Openrent is pretty relaxed when it comes to advertising for LL's, you can easily by pass the ownership by providing an insurance policy in the name, and you can freely advertise then (you could even cancel the insurance policy in the cooling off period).
        08-06-2021, 12:39 PM
      • OpenRent KYC?
        by hugh2010
        I wish to use OpenRent advertising service (or someone else) to list on RightMove.

        Does anyone know if OpenRent will ask me for KYC verification for this. I'm not against this of course, but i want to know if they do, are they going to force me to use a 3rd party app run by monkeys you...
        07-06-2021, 00:44 AM
      • Reply to OpenRent KYC?
        by royw
        You might be right. I've just advertised one and they ftdidn't ask for it but I'd previously advertised it through openrent 5 years ago so I assumed they'd kept it from then....
        07-06-2021, 21:51 PM
      • Reply to OpenRent KYC?
        by hugh2010
        JK0 i think you're getting mixed up with KFH

        But seriously, ownership proof is not a problem. Altough my "proof" will actually be the same electronic document from the Land Registry.
        07-06-2021, 11:22 AM
      • Reply to OpenRent KYC?
        by boletus
        Not sure if that still applies anymore (it used to).

        Last time I did one, the agent said they automatically check it on land registry....
        07-06-2021, 11:20 AM