Letting agent disappeared off face of planet with tenant's deposit

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    If the agency doesn't have CMP then it might make the Directors personally liable, but I have no knowledge of this.

    Also have a look at this link: Object to a limited company being struck off - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


      Thanks - i already checked Companies being struck off and it hasn't been filed yet.
      I checked the CMP and the business is listed as an expired member of Client Money Protect (and not listed for any of the other 5 schemes). I also found it listed with The Property Ombudsman Service (the redress scheme), so next port of call is with these two organisations.

      Thank you to all commenters helping me on the way! At least I know next steps! Thank you


        let us know how it goes please would be great o hear of a success story, also you are able to prevent the company being struck off



          I would go to his offices.


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          • Negligent Lettings Agents
            by Ccaurnlnia
            I have been with my letting agency for 3 years now, they have caused me issues from day one. From signing the tenants partner onto tenancy agreement when specifically asked not too. Not carrying out maintenance previously agreed by myself resulting in tenant withholding rent and also not handing tenants...
            20-04-2021, 23:27 PM
          • Reply to Negligent Lettings Agents
            by Ccaurnlnia
            Thanks for your replies, I think I'll start with a formal complaint to the head office in that case.
            21-04-2021, 17:24 PM
          • Reply to Negligent Lettings Agents
            by theartfullodger
            To be a lettings agent in England requires no training, no qualifications, no criminal records check. Could be staffed (entirely legally) with a bunch of old lags just released on license from Wandsworth Prison with experience only in GBH and fraud.

            Bonkers! Failing tenants, landlords,...
            21-04-2021, 08:01 AM
          • Reply to Negligent Lettings Agents
            by Neelix
            this probably won't help now but ALWAYS communicate with agents by email...
            21-04-2021, 06:50 AM
          • Estate Agent fees
            by Affinity
            I need to find a new tenant for my one bedroom flat. As I have a new job and have little time to find tenants etc I have approached an estate agent.
            Does it sound reasonable to you getting charged 9 per cent +vat monthly for the management of the property (which also includes fee...
            15-04-2021, 21:39 PM
          • Reply to Estate Agent fees
            by Beswick
            A few years ago (before the tenant fees ban), agents near me were charging as much as one month's rent +VAT for a 'find only' service.
            21-04-2021, 06:41 AM
          • Reply to Negligent Lettings Agents
            by Beswick
            I think the most you can do is write a letter of complaint and go through their complaints process. Once this has been exhausted, if you're not happy with their final response, you can approach the redress scheme they are a member of (should be on their website or letterheads).

            If you...
            21-04-2021, 06:39 AM
          • Reply to Estate Agent fees
            by jpucng62
            Ouch!! ...
            19-04-2021, 10:24 AM
          • Reply to Estate Agent fees
            by philg
            very reasonable , some pay a lot more than this . i am just about to rent out a house , let only . i will be paying 75% of first months rent plus inventory fee to the estate agent...
            16-04-2021, 18:01 PM
          • Reply to Estate Agent fees
            by ash5050
            You are asking for management, if you just want them to find you a tenant they'll probably do that for a flat fee instead
            16-04-2021, 11:55 AM