Letting agent is advertising my flat for sale without my permission

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    Letting agent is advertising my flat for sale without my permission

    We used a large, well-known estate agent to let out our buy-to-let flat in London some years ago, but stopped using their services about 3 years ago, and let it directly ourselves. We currently have tenants who are showing no signs of leaving.

    I've just noticed that the same estate agents are advertising our flat for rent, without our instruction or permission, and at a rent significantly below what we are currently letting the flat.

    They did this before. Our tenants at the time found out through friends of theirs who were looking in the same area, and it massively unnerved them. Now it threatens to do the same.

    Is there any recourse I have against these utter sharks? Is there any way I can stop them once and for good?

    Thanks a lot for any help anyone can offer.
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    Well this is an odd one....... i assume you have either called them and/or visited the premises to ask the '' question '' ?? God knows why they would do this deliberately, they would incur costs without any hope of getting any income from it.

    Obviously explain to the tenants it is an error by the agent and when you do speak with the agent do not accept any side kick apologizing, demand to speak with the manager or find out who the regional manager is and complain to them, they sound half-witted.
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      Challenge them to find out why they're doing it. If the answer is not satisfactory, write a formal complaint and insist they stop doing it. If you don't get satisfaction, report them to whichever redress scheme they belong to. I would also think about ending the relationship at the earliest opportunity.


        It 'Window Dressing' to make them look bigger/busier than they are in an area, many estate agents do it.

        Complain to the estate agent and tell them to take the advert down or you'll be taking further action.

        Then when they ignore you, or when they put it back up next week/month, complain to their trade association.

        Make a complaint to your councils Trading Standards team who can force them to stop, eg:

        You could also make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority:

        However you may find that as you did once have a contract with them you may have actually given them permission to use your property in future advertising, it may be burried somewhere in the small print of the contract that you had with them.


          I would agree with others, and add, that they could be listing another flat in your block and don't have the pictures and used your's, or their systems have messed up and have done it by accident due to another LL who is using their services. As it is strange to be listing it as they wont be able to show people around and wont get any rent, also they would get more frustrated T's who are calling them and finding out it doesn't exist, this is a no win situation for them.


            Happens all the time, particularly in big cities.
            Enquirer is told it’s just gone, but we also have...

            Makes the agent look busier.

            Try making an enquiry about the property and see what happens.
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              Years ago employment agencies did the same thing. Advertised an amazing job and when you enquired were told it’s just gone. It was done to entice/elicit new enquiries. Very bad practice.


                Arrange viewings for both yourself & (different date/time) some friends (record calls to aid your f\ailing memory).

                Then pursue agent through letting agent redress scheme, after exhausting their own complaints process.


                Expecting all letting agents to be honourable, truthful & decent will, as with government MPs, likely lead to disappointment & tears.

                Social media can be so powerful
                I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                  Get evidence of the property being advertised before saying anything.

                  Unfortunately I suspect when challenged they will just say "oh, sorry. We'll get that taken down" and give at best a vague explanation about it being an error of some sort. When they can do that, they have very little to lose.

                  Agree with the above. Formal complaint, followed by redress scheme. Local paper or consumer watchdog might take an interest(?)
                  There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.


                    I had a local agent persistently putting up for sale signs on my block of flats till I took one down to their office and forcefully returned it with strong words of advice. They have'nt done it again.


                      Report them to Trading Standards.


                        Originally posted by Enyala View Post
                        Years ago employment agencies did the same thing. Advertised an amazing job and when you enquired were told it’s just gone. It was done to entice/elicit new enquiries. Very bad practice.
                        Isent this a matter for Trading Standards, Switch Selling is an offence.


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