managing agent not passing on rent - compensation due or not?

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    Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
    With the agent it might be a symptom of financial difficulties - if they do it to 25% of landlords a few won't notice. Keep an eye on them.
    Will do, like a hawk. Thanks all for the advice.


      If you can prove you have suffered a material loss for being paid late you should have a valid claim to recover that otherwise vote with your feet and find another agent. Or threaten to leave and try to squeeze a couple of months fee free form them. It would be worth that to them to keep you as a landlord.


        Being a big agents doesn't mean much today unfortunately.

        You have paid them to do a job and not been done until you intervened, personally I would be looking for new representation and keep a regular check on things until you transfer.
        James Lindsey



          if you haven't lost money, i'd probably just write a snotty letter saying how frustrating it was and ask them to tell you what they have done to rectifdy the problem to ensure it never happens to anyone else.


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