managing agent not passing on rent - compensation due or not?

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    Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
    With the agent it might be a symptom of financial difficulties - if they do it to 25% of landlords a few won't notice. Keep an eye on them.
    Will do, like a hawk. Thanks all for the advice.


      If you can prove you have suffered a material loss for being paid late you should have a valid claim to recover that otherwise vote with your feet and find another agent. Or threaten to leave and try to squeeze a couple of months fee free form them. It would be worth that to them to keep you as a landlord.


        Being a big agents doesn't mean much today unfortunately.

        You have paid them to do a job and not been done until you intervened, personally I would be looking for new representation and keep a regular check on things until you transfer.
        James Lindsey



          if you haven't lost money, i'd probably just write a snotty letter saying how frustrating it was and ask them to tell you what they have done to rectifdy the problem to ensure it never happens to anyone else.


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          • Agent not fulfilling agreement
            by Emily27

            I use an agents to let my property. During the initial Covid lockdown they could not perform inspections - absolutely fine. They are still electing not to do them although the government now allows this. They have not communicated any of this to me, I found out when I asked about an...
            05-03-2021, 19:41 PM
          • Reply to Agent not fulfilling agreement
            by theartfullodger
            I used to self manage. If I still did I'd not risk inspections (for tenants or for me, 73 ). Expect agent's working arrangements have become overall much more difficult. Send them champagne and flowers and be not surprised at an improvement in communication
            06-03-2021, 16:09 PM
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            by Lawcruncher
            I usually refrain from commenting on Scottish cases, but the Consumer Rights Act 2015 extends to Scotland. Under the Act one of the terms to be regarded as unfair is:

            A term which has the object or effect of requiring that, where the consumer decides not to conclude or perform the contract,...
            06-03-2021, 11:17 AM
          • I hate my letting agents
            by Backiej57
            Okay that sounds pretty childish but I really do hate them. I'm paying for a fully managed service which they carry out with much negligence and charge me a lot for.

            I am currently waiting for the tpos to get back to me on the complaints I have made but that seems to me taking forever....
            01-03-2021, 11:18 AM
          • Reply to Agent not fulfilling agreement
            by jpkeates
            My own agents aren't doing routine inspections at the moment, which I am quite happy about.
            And they didn't tell me until I asked.
            06-03-2021, 10:57 AM
          • Reply to I hate my letting agents
            by jpkeates
            Unless the agreement you have with the agent allows them to simply change their terms of business simply decline to accept them....
            05-03-2021, 17:53 PM
          • Suing agent vs landlord vs property developer
            by dubistokay
            Hi everyone,

            I'm looking for advice on the correct method of suing for misrepresentation.

            I was recently a tenant in a new build. The tenancy was between me and the landlord's company domiciled overseas. The property was marketed and managed by a local letting agent.
            02-02-2021, 13:29 PM
          • Reply to Suing agent vs landlord vs property developer
            by LeeMac
            The OP may wish to investigate the remedies available under consumer protection law as both the agent and landlord are defined as Traders and the OP is a consumer. Misleading actions, unfair commercial practices etc are prohibited......
            04-03-2021, 23:43 PM
          • Reply to I hate my letting agents
            by theartfullodger
            On reflection, write back saying you didn't realize the terms were flexible and state ( STATE ) what your new terms are from now on. Including notice periods of say 2 weeks.
            01-03-2021, 15:28 PM
          • Reply to I hate my letting agents
            by islandgirl
            Can you tell them that you do not agree to the changes and therefore the agreement should be terminated?
            01-03-2021, 15:22 PM