Agency invented their own tenancy agreement length

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    Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
    No, tenancy in England doesn't need to be written, verbal is fine. Bonkers. Sensible countries require paperwork, and often prescribed wording (eg Scotland with PRT).
    There are arguments for and against.

    The main argument for is that (assuming the absence of forgery) writing creates certainty.

    The main argument against is that short term tenancies can be created without formality which can save expense and avoid both unscupulous landlords and tenants from arguing there is no tenancy because they never signed anything. If you have a rule that there must be writing, but then go on to set out exceptions, it is an invitation for the Parliamentary draftsmen to go to town and produce legislation which leads to confusion and litigation.

    It is of course possible to impose standard conditions without the need for a written agreement.


      When my agent put tenants in the property in spite of written instructions NOT to do so until I had seen references etc (first I knew about it was when I went round to do some repairs) I was told that until I was in a position where I had "lost" something due to their actions I could do nothing. Fortunately the tenants did pay and left at the end of the contract. Never trust an agent.....
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