My tenant isn’t happy with the letting agent

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    My tenant isn’t happy with the letting agent

    I am about to renew my contract with my tenants and letting agent. I have to say I have not been overly impressed with them and neither has the tenant. The tenant has asked if we can deal directly. I am happy to do this as they are good tenants and they have sorted out half the issues arisen during their tenancy that I was paying the letting agent to sort. Now the letting agent obviously isn’t going to be happy and has numerous termination clauses. If it is the tenant that is unhappy with them as well as myself do I have more of a case to terminate the contract with the letting agent or at least negotiate a lower termination fee? Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. I received the new contact to sign a coupon of days ago and the contract is due to come in effect from July.

    Why are you about to sign a new contract with your letting agent?


      There's usually little scope for negotiating a termination fee down.
      There's no incentive for the agent to reduce the fee.

      Pretty much your only realistic option is to either pay it or refuse to pay it and start to deal with the tenant direct and see what the agent does.

      The letting agent has lots of information and documentation that you might need, particularly if you want to repossess the property at any point.

      The best time to change an arrangement with a letting agent is when a tenancy ends.
      Which is often when you need them most.

      If the service is deficient, you might be better negotiating the rate down.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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        I would visit them and have a chat about their approach, charges etc. The monthly charge is important, as is how they charge for deposit protection (this can vary quite a lot). Ask about their approach to repairs etc and choose one which fits with what you want AND offers good value.

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        Tell the letting agent that you feel the charge is, given the level of service you have received, excessive. Tell them you are happy to pay 3 months' fees and no more. See how they respond.

        If you're still not happy, try approaching the redress scheme the agent is a member of. They can...
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        Nothing attached.

        Such termination clauses are, however, pretty stanard in agency contracts.

        Bear in mind that if these are unrelated tenants, the property will be an HMO and the full HMO Management Regulations will apply.
        10-07-2020, 17:15 PM
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