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  • MissT
    I have already contacted the council and they have said they are not interested , i have contacted the property owners mother as that was the only details i had she said she passed on the message to her son , and gave me his email for future communication .

    They are quite noisy upstairs child is always banging on the floor and crashing about its starting to drive me mad i have headphones on and i can hear the banging over them! I have thought about speaking to them but they dont speak fantastic English so it may be a little lost in translation , other than that they are ok .

    I dont think its right that they are letting out the bedroom to another adult its barely big enough for one person! plus this is not social distancing and as we are in a block with others i feel as thou its putting us at risk .

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  • jpkeates
    If there's a couple and another adult (who isn't related to them) is living there, it's an HMO.
    It probably doesn't have to be licensed (but check your local authority web site, because in some places it would need licensing).

    If nothing happens, write (letter envelope, the works) to the council's housing and environmental health department (showing you've copied them both) and point out that the property is being operated as an HMO and that none of the HMO requirements are being met (or could possibly be met) and that the property is therefore unsafe (no fire safety inspection has been done).

    Alternatively, as above, contact the property owner and tell them.

    The issue is really that your neighbours are going to know it's you and that could be awkward.
    What problem is the additional person causing you?

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  • MissT
    Thanks for the reply much appreciated its a one bed flat so i dont think that they are meant to be renting out the bedroom! i have contacted the owners mother , as i had her number from when he bought it apparently she passed on the message to her son so i guess i got to wait and see if he does anything, she also gave me his email and said to contact him in future! not sure if i should follow this up with an email or let him deal with it ... who knows!

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  • theartfullodger
    Spend £3 with land registry and find name and address of owner. Contact him. It may be entirely legal if space is - legally - large enough.

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  • MissT
    started a topic Tracing a letting Agent

    Tracing a letting Agent

    how can i find a letting agent , the property above me is a one bed flat . The couple that rented the flat have a toddler they all live in the sitting room and seem to rent out the bedroom ,Yesterday a new person moved in this is the 3rd person to live in the bedroom since they moved in .I am guessing this is not something the landlord knows about . does renting out the bedroom then make this a HMO house? i am just trying to find out some details on if this is legal as i have reported this to the council who are not interested and said they wont have the letting agent info.

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    by jpucng62
    I would visit them and have a chat about their approach, charges etc. The monthly charge is important, as is how they charge for deposit protection (this can vary quite a lot). Ask about their approach to repairs etc and choose one which fits with what you want AND offers good value.

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  • Reply to How to choose letting agent
    by Mrs Mug
    See the link below on how to select a letting agent.
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    Tell the letting agent that you feel the charge is, given the level of service you have received, excessive. Tell them you are happy to pay 3 months' fees and no more. See how they respond.

    If you're still not happy, try approaching the redress scheme the agent is a member of. They can...
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  • Reply to Letting agent cease fee = 12 months fees.
    by DPT57
    Nothing attached.

    Such termination clauses are, however, pretty stanard in agency contracts.

    Bear in mind that if these are unrelated tenants, the property will be an HMO and the full HMO Management Regulations will apply.
    10-07-2020, 17:15 PM