Lettings agents helping fraudulent tenant with rent arreas

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    Lettings agents helping fraudulent tenant with rent arreas

    Reposted due to editing errors

    Please advise. Apologise it is a lengthy post.

    I am a first time landlord and I have only realised that the lettings agents provided misleading information to induce signing the tenancy agreement.
    At the time I instructed the lettings agents, I made them aware that I only wanted employed working tenant.

    I trusted the lettings agents to carry out all the checks and Referencing. They found a tenant quite quickly and at the time, my wife a joint tenant was living abroad and I was working over 50hours per week to meet my family's needs.

    The agents introduced the tenant and suggested she had earnings sponsored by a foreign government. They also presented the tenant as only just arrived in the UK. After all their checks the tenant moved in February 2019.

    My relatiorelationship with the agents fell apart as I noticed they were only after the tenant's needs. They tried to prevent me getting a valuation required by the bank for a remortgaging. I cancelled the management contract with the agents and had to change the tenancy agreement to reflect this and other changes in required by the lender. This happened in May 2019.
    At this time I found out the tenant was infact a student. It wasn't a problem because students can have earnings, I thought.
    The terms relating to the tenancy did not change.

    In December the tenant stopped paying rent, claiming her government stopped paying funds for her education. After providing different excuses why she is not paying rent the tenant is now claiming I put her under stress so she was unable to apply for her funds basically blaming me for the rent arrears.
    The have been no issues except when she blocked the kitchen drain and then deliberately disconnected the sink from the pipes. she sent pictures , the property is only 6 yrs old so it never had any issues. she was asked to get a plumber to fix it and to contact citizens advice. she said on the phone that her husband unscrewed the sink to check. Instead of reporting the blocked sink. She sent pictures so i have proof that it was deliberately damaged in May 2019.
    Back to the lettings agents, since May 2019 , they have refused to provide proof of all the checks Carried out. They are claiming the tenant has data protection rights and so the information can not be shared with a third party.
    I have also found out the agents encouraged the tenant with false information :
    The tenant had no earnings
    The tenant is a student but because they claimed she had earnings no guarantor details was signed in the contract.
    The tenant is at the end of her academic course but the agents said she was new to the UK so they avoided presenting a previous landlord's reference.
    The situation now , I have reported this as fraud to several agencies including the police and have syaryed the process with the property ombudsman.
    Please advise if there's anymore I can do. Rent is £900/ month.
    I have a young family my self aand the main earner.
    Section 8 and 21 were served.
    The agents are still working with the tenant a d supporting her claims. I have emails and letters to prove
    Please can experienced landlord's here advise. Especially I need advice with my rights as a landlord to have the referencing information and checks. Also where else can I report this fraudulent tenant

    Pursue agent complaint procedure (because otherwise you can't then go to ) then the redress process of whichever letting agent redress scheme they are a member of. Described well on Shelter's website.

    Sadly non-payment of rent is a to be expected and very common risk for anyone in the business of letting property
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      She has a husband? Is he on the tenancy by any chance?


        Sorry I sent messages to
        @ theartfullodger.
        Yes I am following complaints procedure
        No the husband is not a tenant and the husband lives abroad but visits.


          I don't respond to messages: If you have questions ask them in this thread (that's how forum works..)
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            theartfullodger and @ Berlingogirl,
            sorry messages sent by mistake, new to this site, thought I was replying, thanks for your suggestions ,


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              I would suggest, that they were naive, rather than greedy. We'd all like to time it perfectly so we have no voids because extra cash, but they certainly didn't understand their own obligations, and it seems the letting agent acting on thier behalf if trying to use smoke and mirrors to get out of those...
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              Since signing by the landlord is not necessary, whether there is a binding contract depends on who said or wrote what in what order. Without knowing what has been said and done it is not possible to say if there is a binding contract.

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              by tatemono
              er... are they not legally obliged to?

              More common is that most LLs don't bother to aprise themselves of the full facts. This LL is one of thousands of examples.

              Contracts aren't like dairy products. They don't stop being binding just because time passes....
              26-09-2020, 08:37 AM
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              kudos to you for the pragmatic solutions.

              Be aware that if you do choose option 2, it's possible that you will put whoever is planning to buy your current home in your own situation.

              I would immediately be looking for new accommodation. In the current climate, if a property...
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              Too subtle, will use the winking emoji in future. Lol....
              25-09-2020, 22:14 PM
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              by doobrey
              I understood the inverted commas to mean "so-called" or "perceived".
              25-09-2020, 20:27 PM
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              by jpucng62
              Why is this a 'greedy scumbag landlord'? It is a tenant (who presumably gave notice), who is not moving out because their new build isn't ready on time (because the builder hasn't finished it - probably due to coronavirus) - about the only person not to blame is the landlord!...
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