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    OpenRent vs. Visum

    Afternoon all.

    I (hopefully) will have a property to let in the next month or so.

    I listed it on Gumtree yesterday (as it's free). However, it has generated very little interest and I've only found it successful for finding migrant workers part subsidised by LHA in downtown areas in the past.

    This is an "uptown" property with a price tag to match and it won't attract LHA; they typically use Gumtree and pros use Rightmove.

    Used Visum with success in the past as I valued their "no strings" approach. I.e. they simply list on Rightmove and pass on enquires. I DON'T want an online letting agent dealing with money, TAs, references, etc. Done it all myself over the last 26 years with no issue.

    HOWEVER, Visum used to advertise until tenant found, now it's only 3 months + the fee has doubled to just shy of 80 quid.

    OpenRent appears to be a market leader with a Rightmove price tag (3 months) at 29 quid. I am concerned about the "strings". I certainly don't want the "rent now" option; all I want is enquires passed on, ideally my phone number. It's not clear from the website or FAQ whether this is the case.

    Anyone used the £29 OpenRent service as is it really strictly advertising only?

    I've used Openrent for the last few years for multiple properties. I agree that the 'rent now' option is a bid of an oddity and I don't know why they don't remove it from the site. I have to say though that in practice it has never been a problem for me as no-one has ever attempted that option with one of my properties.


      Good to know DPT57 but is the £29 option a truly no-strings advertise-only on Rightmove?


        It has been for me. They offer you the option to do other things of course and I usually use their referencing but decline everything else. It hasn't been a hassle. The other thing worth mentioning is that it's relatively easy to get hold of them on the phone. I've had the odd complication with tenants and needed to give instructions to Rentguard, their referencing arm to vary the standard process. This has always been accommodated without fuss or extra fees. I have no idea whether this will survive if they now get larger by picking up UPADs customers though.


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