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    London Landlord Fined record amount

    An interesting article appeared in today’s mortgage trade press, the result of which demonstrates that Councils are now going after rogue Landlords and in my honest opinion not before time.

    A landlord has been hit with record financial penalties after he was found to have illegally converted his Maida Vale property into eight tiny flats and ignored instructions to undo the work.

    Farook Owadally was ordered to pay a £90,000 fine, £400,000 confiscation order and £40,000 in costs by Southwark Crown Court.

    He had divided what was a three-bedroom home into eight separate flats without bothering to get planning permission.

    He was found to have been charging more than £1,000 a month in rent for each of them, which according to Westminster City Council were generally “simply a small room”.

    Most did not meet the minimum size requirement of 37sqm for new one-bedroom flats, with one just 18sqm.

    The council had issued enforcement notices dating back to January 2012 calling on Owadally to remove the flats built into the property, demolish a third floor extension, and return it to its former condition as a shop with a maisonette above.

    However, Owadally made no attempts to engage with planning officers, which the council argued was so that he “could continue to profit over an extended period of time”.

    He now has three months in order to pay the confiscation order, and six months to pay the costs and fines to the court.

    Councillor Richard Beddoe, the Westminster City Council cabinet member for place shaping and planning, said this was “a straightforward case of the law catching up with an unscrupulous person”.

    He continued: “Our planning teams aren’t just ticking boxes and filling in forms for fun – we have planning rules for a reason, to make sure housing is fit for purpose and safe

    It appears that this is not the first time Farook Owadally has been fined

    Just googled him and the following came up

    In 2016 he along with his wife Seema Khan and their structural engineer David Williams were fined over £90K for not getting planning, ignoring the Council requests and destroying the fabric of a listed building

    It appears that Mr Owadally and his wife run an accountancy firm in Croydon.. How they continue to get business is beyond me
    A property-owning couple and an engineer have been ordered to pay more than £93,000 after destroying the "historic fabric" of a Grade II listed building. Westminster City Council successfully prosecuted husband and wife Mohammed Owadally and Seema Khan and their chartered structural engineer David Williams, after they stripped the roof, walls, floors and chimney breasts from


      It is my fervent hope that those individuals involved along with other rogue landlords are noted by those lenders with whom the have obtained finance and to register such material facts on theHunter System, this would be one major way of stopping such persons from participating in property investment and obtaining such borrowing facilities.


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