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    Taking management in-house


    For the last 20 years I've been renting out property through an letting agent which is part of a estate agents.

    They've been fine overall but, similar to other folks here, prices have been increased due to the changes in tenant fees and change of management. I was paying a 5% for a rent collection only but now with the increases I'm not sure I shouldn't just take it and do it myself and just use an agency to find new tenants when needed. Overall if I did it myself I'd save about £250 pcm

    Just wondering if overall people think that's relatively easy to manage totally or should I consider staying with a professional for rent collection. Also slightly concerned that I don't know about all the regulatory requirements needed. I know about the Deposit Scheme and I know about gas safety checks but is there a resource or somewhere I can look to see what else I need to do from a legal (and I guess moral) view point.

    Currently lucky with my tenants (fingers crossed) one is rented by the MOD, one's with a teacher, one's with a young family which have made the place so nice and professionals have the others.

    Advice appreciated thanks.

    I'll only comment on one aspect. Using an agent to find tenants only is generally a very bad idea. You will tend to get the very worst possible tenants (they put the better ones in their own owned properties or ones they are managing) - they just get paid for lumping any tenant in there. If you are moving "in-house" then selecting tenants is the most important thing to move in-house. There are plenty of services that advertise properties to let.

    Given the state of play in 2019, I suggest you either learn how to do it, or sell up.


      I agree with Mr Dod about using an agent for tenant find only.
      The agent's incentives and yours are not aligned.
      They get paid to produce a warm body that can pass their own credit check (which they will be flexible about).
      The more the tenants churn the more they get paid.

      If you have one property rented to the MOD, you already have two different types of tenancy in place, which may be an issue unless you knew that.

      Moving existing tenancies from an agent is always tricky, the best time to do it is when there's a change of tenant,

      One advantage of using an agent is that if the tenant calls with a problem, there's more people to take the call and less personal stress.
      Whether that's worth three grand a year, only you know.

      There are decent beginner courses from the RLA and the NLA.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        Thanks for the help. Yup, I think I need to get on a course to make sure I learn the necessaries before switching away.

        Appreciate the advice here as always.


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        • Reply to Landlord has changed Letting agency
          by doobrey
          'Need to' because you want to, or because they are asking you to?

          A new tenancy is different from an ID check and some data gathering (which seem fairly harmless and may be well-intentioned). A new tenancy is not necessary. Only sign a new agreement if you want one....
          08-12-2021, 10:24 AM
        • Landlord has changed Letting agency
          by Yellow40
          Hi Looking for some help as for some reason this has my Anxiety through the roof, I have lived in the same private landlord in the same property for 7 years, They have now decided to go with a lettings agency who have contacted me today as i need to sign a new lease and complete an application form...
          07-12-2021, 14:50 PM
        • Reply to Landlord has changed Letting agency
          by jpkeates
          Hi, again, welcome.

          Just tell the agency that you do not wish to sign a new lease thank you very much, nor do you wish to complete an application form for your home.

          My guess is that the application form is part of a rental guarantee insurance that the agent have offered the...
          07-12-2021, 18:02 PM
        • Reply to Landlord has changed Letting agency
          by Yellow40
          Thank you so much for your reply, It seem odd to me, Appreciate your time....
          07-12-2021, 16:31 PM
        • Reply to Landlord has changed Letting agency
          by theartfullodger
          That the agent or indeed landlord changes does not mean you need to sign or otherwise agree to a new tenancy agreement. Nor any changes to the tenancy agreement. Nor any application form, nor supply ID. (PS You might ask agent first for proof of ID: That'll surprise them, but clearly they think it's...
          07-12-2021, 16:20 PM
        • Reply to Landlord has changed Letting agency
          by doobrey
          There are plenty of valid reasons why the landlord may have changed agent. I have done it myself. The outgoing agent could be closing down, putting their charges up. Or they may just have been judged not to be very good at their job.

          The new agent is right (and obliged) to check that you...
          07-12-2021, 16:09 PM
        • Letting Agent asking for commission of I renew tenants privately
          by meyou5ick
          Dear all,

          I was letting my place to tenants that were sourced by this estate agent. The estate agent however misrepresented myself and misled the tenants about what's included in the monthly rental cost. The tenant had complained to the agent however, I had to pay for 6 months of services...
          29-11-2021, 16:04 PM
        • Reply to Letting Agent asking for commission of I renew tenants privately
          by jpkeates
          It depends on the terms of your agreement with them.
          My agreement with my letting agent wouldn't allow them to do that in anticipation of me owing them money, only if I actually owe them money.
          05-12-2021, 10:49 AM
        • Reply to Letting Agent asking for commission of I renew tenants privately
          by meyou5ick
          They have now withheld my rental payment (last one of this contract) because they think I won't pay them once I go private contract from next month. They surely cannot hold my rent just because they think I'll not pay after the end of tenancy if I plan to keep the tenants?...
          04-12-2021, 17:52 PM
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          Hi all , I have been with my letting agent and had the same tenant for 9 years , this week I was notified that my old letting agent had merged basically sold out to a new letting agent , they gave no notice and no option to opt out from them , I said I didn't want to merge with them as we were going...
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