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    Jupix dashboard help

    Hi all,
    Hoping you could help me, anyone know how to find my Jupix 'passphrase'?

    Its the unique URL that my branch uses to upload my properties to portals. I need it to link to a plugin for a new website and I can't find it anywhere
    Any help on where on my dashboard to find it?


    Contact the software company themselves, you would get the right answer from them rather than this forum.


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      Nobody is bound by the RICS code, although parts of it that use the word "must" are generally restatements of statute law which people are bound by. The RICS code has a similar status to The Highway Code.

      RTMs are not bound by the ARHM code unless something in the lease requires...
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      just need these questions answered:

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    • New Agent
      We are going to start accepting deposits from tenants
      I wanted to know what the procedure would be
      e.g. Client Account, Ombudsman etc.

      I just need guidance how to get started please

      Thank you...
      14-08-2019, 10:02 AM
    • Reply to New Agent
      While I agree with the logic and always protect my own deposits, many landlords wouldn't have a clue and rely on the agent to do everything for them.

      While asking questions is usually a sensible start point, one of the things the agent is meant to bring to the table is some expertise...
      14-08-2019, 11:10 AM
    • Reply to New Agent
      You give the deposit to the landlord to protect (with appropriate invoicing etc.).

      If you are protecting deposits on the landlord's behalf (unless they absolutely insist you do that) I would never use your agency. It is entirtely inappropriate fotr agents tpo do the protecting -- guiding...
      14-08-2019, 10:34 AM
    • Reply to RTM Changing Management company
      If it is not too late, please edit out the name of the "management company", otherwise a moderator, e.g. Moderator2 will need to do it.

      The company mentioned is normally associated with retirement developments; is that the case here?

      I think you also need to step...
      13-08-2019, 16:40 PM