Has anyone successfully sued an estate agent?

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    Has anyone successfully sued an estate agent?


    I was reading this article with shock and horror how an agent can get away with this

    I am considering suing mine !! The costs involved are much lower but I’ve been treated so badly ill sue them for the £500 initial charges.
    When they found the tenant, they’d already agreed with him he could move into my property— he was already renting through another branch of their company. He’s on benefits ( not a problem to me) but:
    i was told any tenants on benefits would have to agree to direct payment of h/b —- this wasn’t done.
    Single man, but rented my 2 bed property. His h/b would only allow for a one bed property.
    His total benefits weren’t checked, no income was verified.
    His guarantor does not appear to live at the property he gave as his address, agents don’t seem to have taken employers details just a vague employment address ( X House) which I cannot locate.
    Only two months rent was paid in time. I was told the tenant apologised at first non payment and ironised it would be paid and never late again. Never paid in time after this and I’ve now learnt their accounts office has a long record of him being abusive on the phone, yelling at staff and making threats towards them.
    The list goes on.......
    Hundreds in rent arrears and agents couldn’t give a fig.


      **** man that sounds terrible I hope you don't suffer too much loss. Please let us know how you get on


        My agent moved someone in against my express written wishes (I was to vet anyone he thought suitable and I was to sign the AST - it was a find only agreement). No credit checks done. I found out when I went round to do repairs! Solicitor said I could sue if there was a loss (ie if they stopped paying rent) but I was incredibly lucky and they were good tenants....
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          Well it sounds like you got very lucky Island Girl usually it's the other way around.
          I have heard some real horror stories from estate agents just look at the article above and this is Foxtons supposedly one of the best and most prestigious on the market


            We can't name and comment on specific companies.

            Large doesn't mean best, in my experience (not related to this specific agent, with whom I have no experience).
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              My most recent ex-agent moved in a family without asking how many there were in the household. They said they didn't think it was relevant. They told me it was a couple when in fact it was a family of five. I haven't taken action against them (seeing what happens with deposit deductions first), but I think I would have every right to.

              I have taken action of one sort or another against two agents in the past. One was a complaint to their regulating body, which proved sufficient. The other started with the same approach but that wasn't enough, so I took him to court. He was a no-show at the hearing and the judge ruled in my favour. So to answer the original question: Yes, I have.
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                by Jacksy
                Hi all
                Need some advice and clarification please.

                I signed up to 36 month tenancy last year.

                I got an email from the agent in January 2020 asking if i wish to resign for 6 months or 12 months.

                However, i wish to leave the premises due to myself and my partner...
                13-02-2020, 13:16 PM
              • Reply to Do i have an exit?
                by Sydaton
                Looks to me as though you read it correctly and you have no further liability after leaving after you give 2 months notice
                14-02-2020, 06:48 AM
              • Reply to Do i have an exit?
                by Jacksy
                My main concern was they said we had to stay the full 36 months. Then they emailed asking us to sign on again for 6 or 12 months.

                Then i saw the clause and i thought hang on that means we can give two month written notice.. i just wasn't sure if i was reading it correctly.
                13-02-2020, 13:57 PM
              • Reply to Do i have an exit?
                by AndrewDod
                (Last message flagged as spam -- So here is a replicate with some added text sdfsdf sfsd af sdaf sdaf sdf sdf sd fsdafsdafsdafsadfsdafsadf)

                Sounds like a reasonably valid break clause to me. Assuming your partner is a named tenant you BOTH need to give the notice (unlike a periodic tenancy)....
                13-02-2020, 13:52 PM
              • Reply to Dodgy agency, complications leaving. advice needed!
                by DPT57
                I doubt it would be considered an unfair term, its pretty standard practice for agents to charge a fee if their client wants to end the contract early. However, I agree that where there has been incompetence this should be challenged by a landlord....
                13-02-2020, 12:17 PM
              • Dodgy agency, complications leaving. advice needed!
                by 787greenliner
                Hi there world of landlord zone...

                Im in need of some desperate help!

                long story short I'm a landlord I currently let two properties to long terms tenants, both using the same agency.

                However in the last year the agency has given me countless headaches...
                28-01-2020, 17:51 PM
              • Reply to Dodgy agency, complications leaving. advice needed!
                by doobrey
                Exit fee might be deemed an unfair term?

                787greenliner, my personal view is that if the agent has been demonstrably ineffective / negligent you should be able to end your agreement without any exit charges and that is probably what I would be pushing for in that case.

                You need...
                12-02-2020, 23:13 PM
              • Letting agents want application form filled before checks
                by Chaseleyreanne
                I have asked to be put forward for a property with a letting agents.
                They have given me my form to fill out which I did. I’ve now had an email asking for my guarantor form to also be filled in.

                i explained that my guarantor won’t fill it in until the landlord agrees to carry out...
                06-02-2020, 11:15 AM
              • Reply to Letting agents want application form filled before checks
                by AndrewDod
                Per your other thread it would be far better if your wealthy father was names as a co-tenant. But then you would not be able to get Housing "benefit"....
                06-02-2020, 20:26 PM
              • Reply to Letting agents want application form filled before checks
                by jpkeates
                If you need a guarantor, you're already on the back foot as far as some agents and landlords are concerned.
                For instance, I don't allow any tenants who would need a guarantee - because guarantees are very hard to enforce, not because of the tenants.

                The landlord / agent has to pay...
                06-02-2020, 14:04 PM