Agent ending landlord contract BEFORE tenant contract - shady!

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    Agent ending landlord contract BEFORE tenant contract - shady!

    Changing agents this year as current ones were struggling for months to re-let for this year. New one had it all sewn up in a week...

    Now the current agent has said they are ending their contract a few days BEFORE the actual end of tenancy (as their T&C's allow, apparently) and wont be doing anything further - not even the check out/inventory or dealing with DPS deposit refund I spoke to them in nio uncertain terms and they will now do the check out, but wont handle the deposit admin.

    To a point I get some of it as they wont be getting any income after checkout but I think it very shabby not to follow through on things. I wouldn't expect them to handle any repairs/refurbs/cleaning of course or much after the check out day itself.

    Does anyone know if this is standard practice to turn their back on departing clients and thus minimise their work/effort? Clearly its bad business in my view and really lacks integrity - and despite my 5 years loyalty.

    Also how easy will it be for me to handle the DPS deposit return that is in their name ( I assume) - used to doing it in MY name of course - but I've paid an agent for this and they want to duck out before they complete the task!


    Ask the agent to transfer the deposit to you.
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