Need advise about a property that is supposed to be fully managed

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    Originally posted by Em Bruce View Post
    Sarcasm should not have a place on this forum.
    It's a free country and forums resemble normal communication so I don't see why sarcasm should not, per se, have a place here. Not that I was being sarcastic though. I was being serious. It's very very important to accept that you only have yourself to blame if you sign a contract with terms and conditions that you later regret agreeing to. That way, you always go in with your eyes wide open.

    In any case, you should be more concerned about the fact that you think you don't have a contract just because you didn't sign a piece of paper. You do have one, but it would be verbal which may be less than helpful depending on what happens with the tenancy.

    I'm not sure how terms and conditions you haven't signed could be iniquitous either, but then... hey ho...


      The problem wasn’t dealt with since February and it damaged the property further.
      In full management all these worries about maintenance issue should be dealt with by the agent but in this case they have failed to do so. We are still not happy with our existing agent but we are trying to move on and do things that could help us out of our present predicament
      Thank you all for your kind advices.


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