Advice needed on Letting Agent hidden "change of terms"

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    Advice needed on Letting Agent hidden "change of terms"

    Hi, Help needed please for a naive newbie, I have let my late fathers house {through an agent } for the past 3 years - the first tenant was golden -however they left to buy a place of there own. The next tenants have been "somewhat" hit and miss {paying weekly not monthly, missing payments then catching up}.
    I was emailed by the LA the weekend that the tenant has lost there job {hence my missing payments - almost 5 weeks now}. The LA advised the tenant was contacting Housing to claim and they were trying to get a nominal rent from the guarantor. I asked the LA for a call to discuss {im aware of the ceiling for housing benefit payments and the implications of the bedroom tax as property is 3 bedroom}. I had no call back so called today {my first call was fielded to the answer phone - 2nd call I did 141 and they answered!}. I asked several questions about the situation but prominently why ive had no rent when I pay them an extra 10% to cover situations like this. I was told I only had the gold package??? and needed to pay 12% for the platinum to qualify. I had never heard of either term, - I was advised to pay 6% if the tenant was known/reliable etc as I wouldnt have the right to claim or 10% for new tenants unknown or for my peace of mind {so I was always sure of getting my rent}. I have bills of my own having given up work {twin daughters} and now have my bank stopping by DD as I cant cover the costs. The LA have just offered and apology but not much help. They arent members of anything {as far as I can find}. Citizens advice have informed TS and said I need a solicitor {like I can afford that}. Im lost can anyone advise. Please x

    You need to "take back control".

    Get copies of all paperwork, instruct tenant to pay you direct, then fire agent (that order). Then evict tenant unless they promptly resolve all issues.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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